About Us

According of the CEO


Ovatek Web Solutions is an highly advanced boutique style web agency with a relentless passion for quality, client relationships and results. Our mission is to continually exceed client expectations while increasing visibility and profitability of business based web properties.

At Ovatek, we don’t create web solutions without clear and strategic direction. Web analytics data and advanced research drive all that we do. We are an extremely web-savvy group with a passion for creating revenue driven solutions, building amazing user experiences and providing cutting edge SEM software. Our Founder has been involved with the World Wide Web in some capacity since the 1990’s. We refuse to follow in the footsteps of what we are seeing as a huge flood of low quality and unethical web services providers. We spend the time, money, engage the best talent and work long hours in exceeding our clients goals.

Our Vaules

  • Integrity

    We firmly believe that a for business to succeed it must operate with high integrity

  • Innovation

    We know a business has to be evolving, it has to be fun, and must be innovative

  • Strategy

    The web is a complex medium and only the very best web strategists can be effective

  • Passion

    We know that a professional who exudes passion will create effective client dynamics