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We transform research into performance strategy.

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Rebuild your existing brand or give a new one the best first impression.

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It's time to build a winning business personality.

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Your brand is the most important element of your marketing.


Brand Identity Services

You know what you do. We help you communicate it to the world.

We are experts at building cohesive brand strategies, and incorporating them into your website, mobile platforms, logo, social media, and all content. How do we do it? The first thing we work with you on is your brand identity. By working with a boutique web solution agency like Ovatek, you get the advantage of being able to craft an overall digital strategy that optimizes your brand at every opportunity, vs. the cookie cutter logo you might receive from some branding companies.

Effective Brand Identity Design

We are a boutique web agency focused on delivering high quality services and our branding approach reflects that. We begin developing a brand strategy with a three-pronged discovery approach. First, like most branding companies we talk to you, the business owner, and identify your view of your business and what it needs. Then, we evaluate your current brand identity, how its built and what it says.

Then, we look at your competitors to see what the landscape consists of. Another brand agency can help you once you know exactly what you’re looking for, but Ovatek finds out who you are as a company and what you want to tell your future clients about you, and we craft an entire branding strategy around that. We then execute each element of it throughout all of your digital representations. After we identify what you need, Ovatek takes the elements it discovers in its initial process and begins carefully crafting your organization’s brand identity. Like a branding agency but with a total web solutions orientation, we build your brand across content and design platforms so that everything your customer sees with your name and logo on it reflects the brand identity we’ve worked with you to create.

Have Brand Strategy?

With absolute precision, we make sure that each aspect of your digital strategy, from mobile platforms to blog posts to social media is crafted in such a way that it enhances and promotes the brand identity we’ve so carefull worked with you to create. Many branding companies can give you a specific design or other element of branding, but Ovatek understands your business and works with you to bring your vision for it to life.

Brand identity can be almost as measurable as sales numbers, but it is exceptionally important. Ovatek performs all the roles of a branding agency as part of its comprehensive web strategy services. Working with a web solutions firm that’s more than just a branding company means that get a high impact brand strategy built around your unique business goals and needs. Ovatek’s individualized, one on one professional strategists provide all the services of a branding agency along with highly technical digital tactics and revenue oriented business practices.

Logo Design & Brand Positioning

Ovatek is a web agency that knows branding very well. Working with us from the outset means that your brand strategy is developed and worked towards from Day 1. Unlike branding companies that might develop a logo or provide copy, we focus on bringing your vision to realization in a total comprehensive strategy. We incorporate a full marketing and communications strategy, including everything from visual imaging and consistency in language and messaging, to trademarking your unique brand identity.

Corporate Identity

Your brand isn’t just your business, it represents your values, your experience, and your dreams. It’s also one of the essential, less tangible drivers of business strategy, but is no less essential overall. Ovatek incorporates brand identity into every page of your website and every application. Since we are a total web strategy firm, we infuse your entire digital presence with the vision we create with you in a way that an agency limited to branding or marketing can’t encompass.

Branding companies and branding agencies can do designs and logos for a website, but working with a boutique next generation web service firm like Ovatek brings your brand to the next level, because we work with you every step of the way to ensure that we make your website work for you. The service, attention, and individualized attention you get from our experts can’t be matched with the content mills of a typical branding agency.

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Brand Development

Company Naming

Company Rebranding

Product Brand Development

Brand Messaging

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Effective Positioning

We continually focus on maximizing brand awareness at every stage of the game. The result is a branding strategy the that maximizes your investment, and is consistently putting out the message of who you are.

Brand Identity Process:

  • Identify Goals & Values
  • Research Perceptions
  • Interview Stakeholders
  • Define Brand Strategy
  • Messaging & Tag Lines
  • Create Positioning Strategy
  • Logo Development
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Replace Current Messaging
  • Evaluate & Monitor Results
  • Standards & Guidelines
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  • Consultation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Key Discovery
  • Web Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Revenue Impact

We have the skills and business savvy to identify what works for branding and what doesn’t that branding companies have and we take that strategy to the next level with our comprehensive services.

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About Us

We are a highly advanced boutique web agency with a relentless passion for quality, client relationships and results.

Our mission is to continually exceed client expectations while increasing visibility and profitability of business based web properties.

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