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SEO Washington DC

"Cheap SEO" is VERY costly.

DC SEO Services For Business

Protecting companies from unethical, low quality SEO services

If you depend upon on your website in order to drive in leads and grow sales, then is has to be highly visible on the web. Companies that are utilizing effective DC SEO services are experiencing significant revenue growth. The problem that many Washington DC based businesses face, is the utter lack of effectiveness that most DC SEO companies exhibit. In todays web driven business world, it is an absolute must that you rank high in the search engines and that your website is one that is conversion optimized.

The SEO Company DC Calls For Results

It has been said that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the advanced and highly specialized art of optimizing all the various elements that make up your website, enabling the search engines to index and take a great liking to. Ovatek Web Solutions is one of the rare DC SEO companies that actually bring significant results. Many SEO companies in the Washington DC are claim to bring results, but just ask around....they don't. Ovatek has the experience and insight to be highly effective at delivering high impact Organic search optimization results.

Regardless of everything that you have heard in relation to all the new "SEO killing" search engine algorithm changes, DC SEO remains the most effective way to drive new search traffic to your company's website. The difference is that rules of how to be an effective SEO company have changed dramatically. What this means to the clients of Ovatek Web Solutions is that there SEO campaigns will continue to grow stronger. Unlike most of the other search engine optimization companies out there, we have always adhered to ethical strategies. We have always had the vision of being able to determine algorithm changes years in advance.

Online Marketing Results Focused

Our expert SEO strategists are highly tuned into all that is happening with the various search algorithm updates so that we can ensure that our customers projects can take advantage of the search algorithm updates. We hear all the time about how other DC SEO Companies blame algorithm updates as the reason for their lack of effectiveness. We look forward to each and every algorithm update that happens. Because when they happen, our SEO customers experience a boost in their services, not a decrease.

We conduct in-depth market and competitor research in order to determine each an every clients unique SEO strategy. Some of the area's that we evaluate and strategize on are high value keywords, trust linking opportunities, MicroDATA, Schema and many other current elements that play a role in how the search engines determine a websites ranking. We always utilize the most advanced, high quality and effective tactics that stand the test of time for all of our customers. The web is highly competitive, and without a high impact DC SEO services company handling your web strategy....your competition will continue to dominate.

A Web Agency That Proves Results

The power of organic search results cannot be denied, however these days you most likely will hear it being denied. The reason for this is because most of the local web agencies that provide SEO services Washington DC area business cannot perform anymore. Back when SEO services could be done effectively by utilizing automated methods, those other SEO services providers were able to be effective....or at least get you decent rankings in Google, Bing or Yahoo. They would accomplish this by using what are know as "Black-Hat" methods. Primarily we are talking about low quality link schemes.

The Choice Of Smart Businesses

We never utilize unethical low quality link based strategies. What has made Ovatek so highly successful in bringing high impact SEO services in DC is that we have always stuck to the principles or "Honest Hard Work" and "Visionary Thinking" Over the years we have seen many an SEO company go out of business due to not operating in a manner that is ethical and focused are true quality. We are committed to always maintaining the principles that have made our DC SEO services so effective. We will always work extremely hard for our clients and protect them from the snake oil companies out there. Quality, effective SEO is not cheap, and the more companies that search the web for "Cheap SEO Services" will continue to get burned. Smart businesses do not focus on how much something costs. They focus on what the Return On Investment is.

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Not All SEO Is Created Equal

We see it time and time again. DC area businesses falling for the lure of "Cheap SEO Services". The problem with highly effective and ethical "Cheap SEO Services" is that....they don't exist. If you want to see significant ROI, you need to make a real investment.


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  • Transparency
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  • Highly Ethical
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  • ROI Reporting

Get Site Rewarded

Google loves to see high quality websites that are taking part in a high value ecosystem on the web. When Google, Bing or Yahoo can see that your website is adhering to proper practices when gaining visibility for your site. They reward your site with even greater visibility that you had initially hoped for. Ovatek makes this happen for our clients

SEO Strategy Elements:

  • Define SEO Goals
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Benchmarking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Architecture Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Integration
  • Localization Optimization
  • White-Hat Linking
  • Rinse & Repeat

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