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We are known for pushing the limits of what’s possible on mobile.

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We help businesses create new streams of revenue.

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Whether iOS, Android or Windows Mobile

Mobile App Development

An effective mobile strategy allows you to connect with more customers.

The mobile application developers here at Ovatek are continually pushing the boundaries of possibilities when it comes to mobile. We are a team of expert and experienced mobile app developers who offer end to end service of application development and design for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. The mobile application development services that we provide allow businesses to increase efficiency of their product team, create effective mobilized sales forces and grow their customer base.

Mobile App Developers - Results Driven

Today’s customer wants to connect with you on the go. Ovatek’s mobile app development strategy helps you engage with your clients but staying at the forefront of app development. With its cross-platform app development, Ovatek ensures that your business is showcased at its best with today’s mobile app development. Part of our ground-up approach to building a mobile apps, we include a requirements and market analysis consultation before entering into the app development phase.

Keen on maintaining a cross platform strategy to ensure that your business reaches the widest audience possible, Ovatek is seasoned in both Android development and has been working as an iOS developer for years. We are in tune with all the latest technology and are able to make apps that are compatible with current and recent versions of technology. Our mobile app development strategy begins with our initial consultation and ends with your customers able to easily access your services from anywhere.

Once our mobile app development team has met with you and established what your needs are, the technical aspect of app development starts. Ovatek Web Solutions focuses on creating and executing iOS and android app development that brings the strongest return on your investment. We are on the cutting edge of market trends in mobile app development and we are incredible architects of digital style and substance. Our intent for mobile app development is focused on creating and executing a seamless addition to any mobile users phone. We are equally well versed as iOS developers as we are in android development, so you can be sure that when it comes to app development, we have you covered.

Custom Mobile Apps

We analyze what the app will look like on different platforms. We address security concerns. We consider how to improve and simplify the user experience to reach the greatest number of customers. We pay attention to all the security concerns that a successful app development project has to oversee. Then, when we’ve run it through all the tests and simulations, we do it again. To say we’re detail oriented when it comes to mobile app development only begins to describe how far we go to make sure that your app is at its absolute best by the time your customers start using it.

Leave nothing to chance , that’s what we here at Ovatek say when it comes to mobile app development. Once we’ve got the design where we want it, we run through a rigorous series of tests, simulating actual use and troubleshooting before the app ever hits the market. Our team of seasoned iOS and android development experts look for all the potential kinks before we go live with your mobile app. This is one of the times that working with a small boutique web agency like Ovatek makes a difference. Our mobile app development works tirelessly to create the best experience for your mobile app users in the development phase before it ever goes live. Our experience working as android and iOS developers lends us the most effective app development tools in the business. Our technical teams runs the widest variety of tests necessary to make sure we hit all of the important areas of potential app development headaches.

From Pad To Phone To Watch

In the final phase of developing your mobile app for android and iOS platforms, Ovatek launches the app and immediately transitions into a support role that last the lifetime of the app. Our mobile app development team rolls out a maintenance strategy along with implementation, to ensure that your app development continues with seamless effectiveness. Because we stay on the cutting edge, we know when iOS developers are experiencing particular upgrade issues, or android development requires tweaks to apps to maintain compatibility to prior versions.

Strategic Approach

We know that mobile app development is a key factor in a comprehensive web strategy. Cradle to grave, we execute effective app development that resonates with your customers. Our mobile apps are intuitive to interact with, beautiful to look at, and effective tools to brand and grow your business.

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Mobile Development

Businesses that work with us are looking for an unparalleled mobile strategy. Businesses know the level of epertise that we bring to the table. We specialize in driving engagement products and services for companies of all sizes that are consumer-facing.

App Development Process:

  • Initial Discovery
  • Define Project Goals
  • Develop Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes/Data Model
  • UX/UI Diagrams
  • Prototype Development
  • Create Design
  • Development & Testing
  • Unit & Functional Tests
  • Human Testing
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iOS & Android

We are effective at building mobile applications that drive significant revenue. We work with both entrepreneurs and established product teams.

App Development Services:

  • App Strategy
  • Demand Analysis
  • Monetization Plan
  • Concept/Vision
  • App Prototyping
  • Mobile UX Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development

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We are a highly advanced boutique web agency with a relentless passion for quality, client relationships and results.

Our mission is to continually exceed client expectations while increasing visibility and profitability of business based web properties.

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