Keeping Up With The Changing SEO Strategy Landscape
Keeping Up With The Changing SEO Strategy Landscape

Evolving Your SEO Strategy Can Be Challenging

One of my favorite things about the world of search engine optimization is that it’s challenging. It requires ongoing work as well as continually being in tune with all the frequent changes. If you have been working in the field for a while now you may have noticed that the changes are happening more often than ever before.

There are many common and not so common mistakes that I’ve made over the years that I have been developing SEO strategy  for businesses large and small.  I’m going to take this opportunity to address some of the more common mistakes I as well as other experience strategists have made.


Track and Monitor Changes

It happens all the time, a person within an organization makes a change to the company’s website without informing stakeholders. A page may have been removed content may have been updated and the worst part is, it was not noticed until later date once rankings went down as well as traffic.

Configure Change Notifications

There are a variety of tools out there you can configure to notify you of changes that have been made.   These are changes  that may have happened within the sites code or content. It is critical that you. are aware what has taken place as soon as it happens.

Keep Historical Record of Changes

Here at Ovatek Web Solutions we utilize an internal strategy system to maintain a history of all changes.  Keeping track of these SEO strategy changes can help us identify activities we have done that may have hurt or improved online effectiveness.


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Leverage Analytics and Rankings Data

Take advantage of both web analytics and keyword ranking data. Keep in mind that it is critical this data be accurate and cleaned up.   One of the most important things you can do to retain your clients is to clearly communicate performance results. A client at any point in time may request data and results from a previous time.  Easy access to this information in order to put together the requested report is key and builds confidence.


Continual Education Give You Competitive Edge

I have noticed for quite a while that for the most part there is a serious lack of education in the SEO strategy world.  It is also commonly perceived nowadays that the value of organic SEO is on the decline.   The reality is that the true value of effective organic SEO services is increasing all the time.  The talent pool of those able to effectively leverage and communicate the complex nature of current services is what I see most.

Understand Your Audience

The way in which we speak to a public relations department is different than the way we would speak to an in-house development team. It goes without saying that the way in which we speak to corporate officers is extremely different. What they care about are things such as return on investment and revenue growth. To be effective in today’s environment you must be able to speak to all levels of an organization.

When you meet with a company don’t just ask questions about SEO  and their goals surrounding it.   Speak to them in business language as well to understand their company, revenue goals and their vision of the future.   This shows that you not only have an understanding of how to implement effective services but you also understand their business objectives.   This goes a long way in establishing confidence.

So this is a brief overview of some critical elements in gaining customers, retaining customers and staying on the competitive edge of our industry.



Keeping Up With The Changing SEO Strategy Landscape
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Keeping Up With The Changing SEO Strategy Landscape
When it comes to SEO strategy, if you have been working in the field for a while you will know that the changes are happening more often than ever.
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