How To Find The Best Virginia SEO Services Provider?
How To Find The Best Virginia SEO Services Provider?

Advice When Hiring A Virginia SEO Company

Many times when I speak with a client I asked them how exactly did they find us?One of the most common responses I get is they did a Google search for “How To Find The Best Virginia SEO Services Provider”. I thought it would be helpful as someone who has worked in the search engine world for years, to share some helpful information on the topic.

It’s important to understand how to go about finding a digital marketing agency that you can trust.  SEO companies in Virginia are all  over the search results in Google Bing and every other search engine.   If you are not careful and thorough in choosing an online marketing agency, you can end up wasting a lot of time and money.  I am not exaggerating when I say 90% of all search engine optimization services out there are ineffective.  The idea behind this post is to provide helpful information that hopefully will allow you to find the best Virginia SEO services possible.


Set clear expectations for Virginia SEO services

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Prior to starting your journey in the selection of a search engine optimization company,  you need to figure out specifically what your goals are.  What is it that you’re trying to achieve with your marketing plan as it relates to SEO services, or more broadly your online marketing strategy?  By understanding this in the beginning you will be better able to determine your return on investment.


 A brief summary of local search optimization

There are two key elements when it comes to SEO.  The first element has to do with what takes place on the website itself (on-site). Things like site architecture, content on the pages both text and images. Having the proper on-site elements in place, will ensure that Google and other search engines will successfully crawl and index your site.

The next key element that we will cover is the ongoing efforts to further optimize your website by leveraging on-site and off-site methods.  We covered what on-site means and what is done.  Off-site involves the broader World Wide Web ecosystem.  The specific things that take place with off-site strategies are too involved and complex for the purpose of this article.  We will however cover that in an upcoming blog post.

So for the brief overview of how SEO works you can simply keep in mind that there are initial on-site efforts.  The efforts are regarding your websites architecture and content.  Then there are ongoing off-site and on-site efforts that take place in order to drive results.


 What are the benefits of SEO for my company? 

Reputable SEO services in Virginia will benefit your business in many ways including:

  • Google and other search engines will drive more traffic to your site
  • Other places on the web like social media video and other sources will bring new visitors
  • Increased brand visibility by better rankings
  • Strategic effective web design and user experience will keep users coming back
  • Gain new customers and drive revenue growth

These are just some benefits that you will receive, however if the SEO company is effective there are many many more.


How much does SEO cost?

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The answer to this question will differ with various local SEO agencies. However in most scenarios there are three ways to pay for search engine optimization services.

  • One time payment –  Initial work specific to on-page optimization and is pretty typical that you can be provided project based pricing for this.
  • Per month –  For long term high-impact results there needs to be ongoing SEO services.  For a company to receive very good results there is an extensive amount of monthly work required. The monthly fee for this should be customized per customer. Avoid hiring a local marketing agency that offers predetermined packages. I highly recommend only working with a digital marketing agency that sits down and truly customizes a solution with your goals in mind.
  • Hourly –  This method of paying  for services should be reserved only for consulting engagements.


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Choosing the best SEO provider

When looking for the best SCO company in Virginia on Google and other search engines, there will be many to choose from.   So the question is how do you determine the best digital marketing company to hire?

  • Visit their website to learn what their SEO related services are.
  • Do they have client testimonials?  Sometimes it can be tricky but do your best to try and determine if the testimonials on their website are real.  Will they allow you to contact any of the people who wrote the testimonials?
  •  Does the language on the website sound too good to be true?  I have to say the number one thing to avoid are online marketing agencies that offer guarantees. The truth is nobody can guarantee results. Just be very careful who you select to perform services. If you pick a really good SEO company the likelihood that you will get really good results is very high.


 SEO is key to a businesses success online now

In summary, remember that in today’s highly competitive online environment search engine optimization is absolutely necessary.  Digital marketing effectiveness is critical and if SCO is done properly your company can enjoy revenue and customer growth.



How To Find The Best Virginia SEO Services Provider?
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