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Evolution of big data analytics

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Feature I

Unlimited users User access levels & controls Local & toll-free tracking numbers in over 40 countries Record calls

Feature II

Port numbers Track online & offline advertising channels Dynamic Number Insertion on website Calls matched to website visitor and ad click

Feature III

Forward calls to landline, mobile, or softphone. Call whispers Click-to-call ads and ad extensions Bulk text messaging campaigns

Feature IIII

Send and receive text messages Integrated softphone Scheduled text messaging API access

Feature IIIII

Integrated softphone Route calls by schedule Score, convert, and tag calls Route calls by IVR menus

Feature IIIIII

2Virtual voicemail boxes Conference calls Custom fields Triggers (text or calls)

Questions and Answers

Dynamic Number Insertion refers to the process where our tracking code dynamically displays a tracking number to your website visitors based on the advertising source of the visit. A Google Adwords visitor will see your Google Adwords tracking number, etc. Dynamic Number Insertion can also refer to our GeoContact technology that dynamically displays a tracking number to website visitors based on the advertising source of the visit AND their geographic location.
The likelihood score refers to how confident our system is that a particular website visitor made a particular phone call. The score for each match can range from 1-100%, with 100% being the most confident.
We use a variety of factors to determine which website visitors are most likely to have made each of your phone calls such as: time, geography, activity, and history.
In order to keep your likelihood scores as close to 100% as possible, we recommend 1 tracking number for every 20 daily visitors to your website from a source.
Porting means to take your current phone number away from the current provider, and transport it to another carrier (like Ovatek call Analytics).
We can port numbers to our system in the US and Canada only. To start, click here to create your port request in our system within the numbers menu. Or once you are logged into your account you can go to: Numbers > Port Numbers.
Call queues work when you need to route to multiple agents, have those agents on different schedule, or want to automatically assign an agent to the call.

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