Next Generation Call Tracking

Discover which campaigns, pages and keywords are driving phone calls.

Know Exactly Whats Driving Calls

Track all incoming communications back to campaigns and leverage call management features to engage leads quickly.

Know exactly which ads are driving calls, texts, and form submissions


The first results are visible after only a few weeks since the launch of the advertising campaign.

Track the customer journey and discover exactly which keywords are driving phone calls and sales.

Why Ovatek Call Tracking?

  • Track Organic SEO
  • Track Paid Advertising
  • Track Mobile
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Click To Call Forms
  • Advanced Caller ID
  • GEO Route Calls
  • Advanced IVR Menus
  • Keyword-Level Attribution

    Our call tracking software provides keyword-level attribution, and mobile click-to-call tracking, allowing you to optimize campaigns for ROI.

  • Mobile Call Tracking

    Ovatek Call Tracking provides all the tools you need to tie mobile search and website activity to inbound phone calls and sales conversions.

  • Click-to-Call Data

    Get in-depth data about how each of your click-to-call and call-only ads are performing.

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