Site acceleration through intelligent caching and content optimization.


Incapsula application aware CDN dynamically profiles website resources and identifies all cacheable content (dynamic and static) – including content that other CDNs cannot cache.

Moreover, dynamic profiling and frequency analysis ensures that the most frequently accessed resources are identified, and fetched directly from memory This speeds-up the content delivery by bypassing the file system, without relying on slower access mechanisms such as buffer-cache.


Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from the source code, without changing its functionality. In JavaScript, CSS and HTML code these unnecessary characters usually include white spaces, new line characters and comments, often used to add readability to the code but not required for its execution.

Busy websites have dozens of sessions opened and closed every minute, creating load on the server and adding latency. Session optimization dramatically reduces the number of sessions opened with your web server

CDN benefits include?

  • Site Acceleration
  • Code Minification
  • Dynamic Content Caching
  • Static Content Caching
  • Global Net Distribution
  • Custom Caching Rules
  • Image Compression
  • TCP Optimization
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Async Validation


  • Advanced Traffic Analysis

    Uses proprietary traffic analysis algorithms developed by the security and performance experts at Imperva Incapsula to optimize and enhance the standard caching techniques. This mode maximizes content caching on their servers and, in most web applications, delivers the highest performance levels.

  • Instant File Compression

    Incapsula dynamically compresses HTML, CSS and JavaScript files stored on its servers “on the fly” using GZIP (and HTTP/1.1 chunked transfer encoding where possible) to accelerate page load times.

  • Go Faster With Less

    On average, websites using the Incapsula CDN are 50% faster and consume up to 70% less bandwidth.

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