LBaaS (Load Balancer-as-a-Service)

Load Balancing and Failover

Incapsula LBaaS supports a variety of load balancing algorithms, with or without a persistence override option, to optimize traffic distribution across servers, maximize application performance and reduce server load.

For organizations operating multiple data centers, or hybrid cloud environments, global server load balancing (GSLB) ensures high availability and reliable application performance.

  • Automatic failover between primary and secondary sites.
  • Continuous health and performance monitoring.
  • Send requests based on performance or geography.


Local Server Balancer

  • Supports for a variety of load balancing algorithms
  • Optimize traffic distribution across servers
  • Maximize application performance and reduce server load
  • Real time server health and performance checks

Global Server Load Balancer

  • For organizations operating multiple data centers, or hybrid cloud environments
  • Ensures high availability and app performance
  • Supports performance-based global balancing
  • Distribute load based on user geolocation

Automatic Site Failover

  • Auto failover between primary & secondary sites
  • Enables application high availability
  • Accelerate disaster recovery, without any TTL-related delays
  • Standby data center automatically kicks in

Health Monitor

  • Continuous health and performance monitoring
  • Ensure availability of web servers and data centers
  • Passive monitoring that reactively checks for server responses to traffic
  • Active monitoring proactive health check requests

Questions and Answers

Load balancing increases overall computing efficiency, raises overall performance, and minimizes downtime.
In case of global load balancing a workload is distributed planet-wide across multiple remotely positioned geo-locations.
The object of failover is to ensure that mission-critical applications or systems are constantly available, regardless of the extent of the fault.
High availability planning is designed to ensure system uptime, and disaster recovery is designed to minimize or eliminate downtime.

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