Big Data Analysis Helps Organizations


Evolution of big data analytics

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Feature I

Review Alerts Daily Reporting Respond to Reviews Review Generation

Feature II

Email Summaries Unlimited Users Net Promoter Score Survey Kiosk Mode

Feature III

Campaign Metrics Mobile App Integrations API

Feature IIII

Trending Topics Competitor Reporting Custom Reporting Intelligent Workflow

Feature IIIII

SMS Campaigns Review Tags. Single Sign On First Party Reviews

Feature IIIIII

Daily Reporting Email Alerts Internal Feedback Request Tool Brand-wide Employee NPS

Questions and Answers

Create groups by region, assign users, and ensure a stakeholder is assigned to every customer review for follow-up. Correct customer pain-points as the feedback comes in, and prevent it in the future.
Collect and respond to reviews on the go with our mobile app. Designed and streamlined to provide you with alerts and issues at every location of business, right from your phone.
With unlimited users, we want to make sure your team is able to collaborate and respond with maximum efficiency.
Each review we track is grouped and tagged with a status, so you know which customer issues have been corrected and which are in need of attention.
Get alerted of a new review as it comes in, a monthly summary, or something in between. Add stakeholders onto the alerts to ensure visibility of your business and customer issues are dealt with.

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