Real Time Web Analytics

Monitor, analyze, and react to their traffic in real time.

Deep Insight - Real Time

Designed to be far easier, more technically advanced, and nicer looking then any other Web Analytics.

Ovatek Analytics lets you see every visitor and every action they take on your web site, with the option to attach custom data to visitors, such as usernames or email addresses. Analyze each visitor individually and see their full history.

Managed Web Analytics

All data in Ovatek Analytics is up-to-the-minute real time. Not just a few reports. Everything.

Most reports provide a high level of detail on every segment of visitors. You can filter and sort by any column to quickly find what’s working and what needs improvement.

Why Ovatek Analytics?

  • Everything Is Real Time
  • Ridiculous Detail
  • Individual Visitors & Actions
  • No Bots or Referrer Spam
  • Heatmaps
  • On-site Analytics
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Mobile App
  • Advanced Heatmaps

    In addition to standard per-page heatmaps, Ovatek Analytics also lets you view heatmaps for individual visitor sessions, including segmentation. For example, you can view heatmaps only for visitors who completed a specific goal. Heatmap data is real time.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    Ovatek Analytics alerts you when your site goes offline so you can react immediately. Your site’s uptime is monitored from 5 geographic locations around the world.

  • No Bots or Referrer Spam

    Ovatek Analytics has developed many proprietary methods for blocking malicious bots, in particular referrer spam.

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