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We protect and build positive online reputations, as well as rescue
individuals and companies from negative reviews and content.

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Helping people and businesses take
control of their online reputation by
reacting before major damage happens.

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By leveraging our proprietary methods we are able
to let our clients take back control of their online image.

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Bad news on Google - the same as bad news on the front of the newspaper


Reputation Management Services

Take back control of your online reputation and prevent lost revenues.

Today all information relating to your company is easily accessible with simply a couple keystrokes. Now think about this for a moment...if the first piece of information on the internet about your company that a potential customer viewed was “This was the worst experience I have ever had in dealing with a company! THESE GUYS ARE A RIP OFF!” you feel that this negative review would have any impact on their decision to contact your company in order to do business with you? I think we can agree...of course it would!

Online Reputation Management

Ok so you have created a new brand. In addition you have also decided on a business name you are proud of, a great logo has been created, as well as a powerful company slogan. You have even begun to launch what you feel is going to be a successful marketing campaign. You are feeling confident that your company is more than well on its way to becoming a huge success. What many business owners do not understand in todays online driven economy....there is still more to be done so that you can protect your brand.

Online reputation management is becoming an utter necessity for being a successful business in todays web driven world. The critical nature of protecting and reinforcing the messaging and values that are associated with your company's image is growing by the day. It is a must that you have clear visibility and control into what people are saying about you on the web. For you to be able to have control over your brand’s overall image and footprint on the web and the ability to repair any damage from negative reviews and media publishing, can be what determines the success of your business.

When there is a lot of money at stake, and most likely much more, why risk the potential of having your company’s reputation damaged online? Contact Ovatek to make sure your online reputation is well protected. It's time, before it's too late to get control of your online reputation.

Protecting Your Online Image

Do you currently have an issue with your online reputation? If so, fret not.. we can help! We specialize in the development and execution of custom online reputation strategies. Whether you are dealing with a disgruntled employee, unethical competitors or even perhaps some much more serious customer review issues. We understand the importance of keeping certain matters private, so we are very discrete and very effective when we are executing the work internally.

Today many time companies are at the mercy of the internet, which quite frequently resembles something like the wild wild west. Negative customer reviews, bad news media, pictures better left unseen, as well as straight up lies can be published instantly and propagated throughout the world wide web very quickly. For this reason it is clear that any business that depends on the internet as a customer facing tool must have highly effective reputation management services.

Review Monitoring And Response

It is becoming more and more widely accepted that reputation management services are no longer an option for businesses. Keep in mind that Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines are very aware of what your online reputation is. They use this data as one of the signals they look at when deciding on how visible to make a business online. Companies that retain a web agency that is on the cutting edge of the reputation management space will not have to worry about being affected by negative messaging. By working with us you can rest assured that a very comprehensive and advanced approach in making sure your reputation works for you, not against you will be in effect.

The highly advanced and talented reputation management services experts here at Ovatek will be creating a highly positive image of your business online. Part of the efforts we make in shaping you reputation includes the creation of positive content, while push down any negative digital content that may be out there on the web. This will enable us to have control over what people discover when searching for your company online.

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Reputation Research

Preventative Measures

Develop Strategy

Social & Review Monitoring

Mitigation Elements

Real-Time Protections

Reputation Analytics

Protect Your Company

Part of our online reputation management services involve the creation of positive new content and then distributing that positive content throughout the internet.

Our Reputation Process:

  • Sentiment Audit
  • Social Media Voice
  • Presence Analysis
  • Location Alignment
  • Review Site Audit
  • Survey Creation
  • Define Reputation Goals
  • Optimize Business Listings
  • Generate Positive Content
  • Public Relations
  • Monitoring & Reporting

Positive Content Distribution

We will be publishing content written by professional copywriters and pushing that content out to news sites, social media and blogs. Start rebuilding your online authority and reputation today!

Reputation Services
  • Reputation Protection
  • Executive Reputation
  • Internet Slander
  • Name Protection
  • Reputation Repair
  • Reputation Consulting
  • Negative Review Repair
  • Complaint Removal
  • Litigation Removal
  • Reputation Software
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