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We make sure that your web presence achieves maximum impact.

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We are experts at solving some of the most
complex web performance issues facing
companies on the internet today.

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Identify roadblocks holding you back and gain
valuable insight into how your site truly performs.

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From high performance web servers to web security to datacenter services.

Web Strategy Consulting

Developing web strategies for businesses that want to dominate.

Beginning with an initial meeting and high level analytics dive, we get a general understanding of where your business is currently as it relates to the web. We then work closely with you in order to develop a vision of where you ideally would like to to be two, five and 10 years from now. Our highly advanced and experiences web strategists work with your organizations leadership in developing the most high impact web strategy that can be found on the web today.


In todays highly competitive internet environment in order to really compete as a business, you must implement advanced strategies. There are very few web agencies that are as deeply in tune with sophisticated internet technologies as we are here at Ovatek Web Solutions. In the web landscape of today it is not as simple as leveraging antiquated methods.

Beyond the website itself there are many different complex factors involved with achieving market domination. We believe that there is no other web agency out there that holds a skill-set as advanced and broad as we do. There is no other web services company out there that has as deep insight into all the various components that are required in order to crush your competition. We have deep knowledge into search algorithms, server technologies, web security, information architecture, call analytics, web analytics, form analytics, social analytics, datacenter technologies and so much more.

The web strategists here at Ovatek not only hold extremely advanced technical skill-set's, but also understand businesses, how they operate and know that at then end of the day it's about growing revenue. Our strategists will be meeting with you in person so that they can get a feel for you and your company culture and so that you can get a feel for the particular web strategist you will be working with. We want to understand your business and how it is that you make money, which will allow us to get a clear view into what strategy elements would bring you the most value.


To truly be effective online both certainly requires creativity, however it also is highly dependent upon a deep understanding of various analytics channels. Here at Ovatek we have invested heavily in developing software that provides deep insight into both web analytics and call analytics. Without deep insight into what a company's true metrics are, it is not possible to craft a highly web web presence. The truth is, that if your web agency does not hold advanced understanding of web and call analytics, they cannot perform at the level a business deserves.

Understanding your web analytics is what allows us to develop and present to you a very picture of who the users are and what their particular behavior is when visiting your site. This allow us to custom design a strategy that will optimize your overall web footprint that will ultimately lead to traffic that converts at a much higher level.


Our web strategists conduct deep and advanced research and then compile that data on a regular schedule so that you can see the progression of success. A service that we offer includes regular analysis reports so that you can always have a clear view of how your campaign is performing. We will continually work very closely with your business in order to make sure that whatever web strategy we put in place is measured in relation to determined Key Performance Metrics(KPI's).


We believe that a business should not have to "guess" if a particular web strategy is working. Something that we are very good at what is know as "conversion optimization". Conversion optimization is a method of leveraging analytics data in a way that allows up to finely tune a strategy so that conversion rates increase. This will bring an end result of driving more leads...more QUALIFIED leads from new and existing traffic.

Because we take such a deep dive into understanding how your business operates and what your unique needs are, we are able to provide any company with a web strategy that works within their budget and is going to achieve desired goals.

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Executing Impact Web Strategies

It's not as simple as having a website online and then seeing results results. Businesses to must have a comprehensive web strategy.

Advanced Strategy Services
  • PCI Compliance
  • Business Analysis
  • Managed Analytics
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Comprehensive Web Audit
  • Content Systems
  • Chief Internet Officer
  • Web Infrastructure Consulting

Web Strategy Development

SEO Audits

Link Building Audit

New Hire Reviews

Redesign Guidance

Competitive Analysis

Implementation Guidelines

Enterprise Web Audits

Enterprise level web audits address technical issues, content issues, usability concerns, keyword analysis and many other external and internal factors affecting performance.

Enterprise Web Audit Process:

  • Deep Site Crawl
  • Identify Accessibility Issues
  • Current Index Status
  • Analyze On-Site Factors
  • Analyze Off-Site Factors
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Web Security Analysis
  • Current Rankings
  • Social Sentiment Analysis
  • Link Health Impact
  • Analytics Deep Dive
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