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In today's web centric world, the first interaction customers have with your business is your website. Knowing this fact, I'm sure you can understand how an effective website design company in Virginia can have a major impact on driving new business to your company.

We create cutting edge websites that represent your brand and maximize revenue. As a local web design company we understand the unique challenges within the northern Virginia market. We have years of experience creating innovative websites for businesses and brands that can't afford to compromise on results.

We build websites with a clear and strategic focus on what works best to bring you new customers. Our creative team is made up of experienced designers and developers who know what it takes for a website to grow a company's business. Whether it's a redesign or a new site you can trust our experience to bring your website to new levels of success online.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Enhanced User Experience

Faster Load Times

Lower Bounce Rates

Increased Conversions

Website Design Results Driven

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Our Virginia website design company will transform your company’s dull, confusing website into a clean, modern design you can be proud of.

What’s more, you’ll make the right first impression to attract new customers and boost conversions. This positive first impression of your business is hard to replicate with any other strategy — your website is going to be what pulls people in and keeps them coming back for more.

By upgrading your website design to a custom, sophisticated experience for your visitors, you innately enhance your site’s functioning. Your site’s performance is just another way visitors evaluate your company. Is the navigation simple to use? Is information easy to access and digest? A clear yet engaging website makes visitors happy and excited to connect with you.

"Your site’s performance is just another way visitors evaluate your company. Is the navigation simple to use? Is information easy to access and digest? A clear yet engaging website makes visitors happy and excited to connect with you."


Traffic Increase


Rankings Increase


ROI Results

High-Impact Web Design

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All this naturally helps your site rank higher in the search engines and becomes an inherent part of your SEO strategy. When you take advantage of our Virginia website design company, you can leverage the right design talent to make your site accessible and enjoyable for customers.

Ovatek’s careful storyboarding outlines our meticulous process to get your site where it needs to be. We plan the best possible user experience to outpace your competition and meet your target goals. When your site’s performance is improved through strategic creative design, your visitors are naturally drawn to your company.

Through our deep insight into search engine algorithms, we fix an unwavering focus onto how to gain your business better visibility through ethical SEO, thus generating more traffic, customers, and revenue. We even examine your site architecture to uncover potential issues that could affect the efficacy of your SEO services. Through our highly detailed approach, we help you create and establish trust among customers.

"Having an intuitive, responsive site also makes it easier for your customer to connect with you. When your site is easy to access and eliminates barriers between platforms, you make it easy for people to engage."

Crafting Responsive Experiences

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We know how important having a responsive website is. Every one of our custom websites is designed to be responsive across all types of platforms. Whether your users are accessing your site on a desktop from the 90s or a brand-new Apple device, we are highly experienced in knowing how to make sure it thrives online.

Our developers and designers conducts thorough testing throughout every necessary phase in the design process to ensure your site’s performance and responsiveness strictly adheres to optimal best practices. Losing customers because your site can’t adapt to a mobile phone or tablet isn’t an option in our modern tech world. Your visitors need to be able to access your site from anywhere.

"We will create a fully connected experience for your customer no matter what device they’re using."

Discover Just How Impactful Smart Web Design Can Be

Whether your site needs a complete makeover or just an updated look, let Ovatek be your solution. We only employee the very best developers and designers we can find. We leverage every advantage, and create stunning websites optimized performance and conversions. Schedule a consultation with our design team today to discover just how impactful your online presence can be!

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