Section 508 Compliance Services

If you’re a federal agency or an organization that receives federal funding, you’re obligated to be in compliance with Section 508 Law, which requires that your website is accessible to people living with disabilities. This is an amendment of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which stipulates that all users of your site or other IT have access to the information you present, regardless of capabilities or impairments.

At Ovatek Web Solutions, we ensure your site meets 508 compliance criteria. We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, private websites, and government agencies to help them meet these compliance standards. Our 508 compliance insight helps create a strategic, appealing web design from our team of experienced designers. Here’s how we can help.

Once your site meets Section 508 compliance by fixing any issues with accessibility, we can help your site gain certification via Interactive Accessibility. Ovatek makes user-friendliness a priority at your organization to maintain compliance and reach every member of your audience.

The changes we help implement in your site reduce your risk and increase your site’s efficiency. With our in-depth knowledge and professional support, you can maintain compliance and be accessible across the board.

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Our 508 Compliance Process


Automated tools uncover just a small percentage of errors. That’s why we only use these tools in conjunction with our team’s direct inspection. Our audit provides an extensive analysis to identify violations of Section 508 compliance on your site.

Our testing procedure is executed by our expert team to understand your site’s accessibility. For companies that have large websites, we can conduct an accessibility risk assessment to select areas that can be evaluated as a representative sample.


Once we conduct your audit, we compile a list of best practices for the target areas on your website that need the most help. Our team also reviews your compliance level with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0.

Ovatek provides you with detailed instructions including coding examples for how to make your site accessible to everyone. We plan so that you’re not left wondering what needs to be done—we provide direction to help you get there.


Once we construct your plan for compliance based on your site’s audit, we confirm compliance through a variety of means. We test with automated tools, our experienced team, and the applications that people who live with disabilities utilize, including ZoomText, JAWS, and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

We take our verification a step further by evaluating the contrast of your site’s color, confirming access via keyboard, and ensure the code is in line with Section 508 compliance.


In order to implement your compliance strategy, we rank the primary areas of your site that need improvement. This enables us to design a clear path to Section 508 compliance for your company’s site.

Once the necessary changes have been implemented throughout your website, our skilled team carefully reviews what’s been changed. We no stone unturned when checking your site to ensure it meets the necessary requirements for accessibility while still maintaining its appeal to customers.

Why 508 Compliance Matters

Whether you’re a public school or a non-profit that receives federal funding, 508 compliance is a requirement. Many companies that aren’t necessarily required to be 508 compliant have designed their site to ensure 508 compliance because they recognize the importance of reaching all web users.

  • Increased usability
  • Accessibility
  • Helps visually impaired
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Your web design needs to take into account how people with disabilities use the internet in order to be appropriately accessible. Ovatek helps you ensure compliancy on every page of your website so that no one is prevented from accessing your information. In addition to making your site accessible, our web designers also focus on creating an engaging experience for all users.

Depending on your site’s current design, you may only need a few simple improvements, or your site may need to be completely redone. When it comes to 508 compliance, ensuring that everyone can perform the necessary tasks on your site and access the information is paramount.

Did you know that over 19% of people are living with some type of disability? Even if 508 compliance isn’t a requirement for you, we can ensure you’re reaching the full potential of your web visitors.


Average ROI


User Loyalty


Brand Visibility

Web Design That Appeals to All Users

508 compliance eliminates online barriers and challenges that are daily realities for people living with a disability. Complying with Section 508 Law provides opportunities to all internet users, not just people who are able to access a site without issue.

  • Users likely to return
  • Accessibility on mobile devices
  • Better user experience
508 compliance requirements

Recently, federal and non-federal sites alike have been the target of lawsuits because they have failed to maintain compliancy. Not having a Section 508 Law compliant site is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which ensures that people living with disabilities nationwide have the same opportunities as those without disabilities.

Have you considered how people living with disabilities interact with your website? At Ovatek, we have a clear understanding of what impacts web usability for people who have visual or mobility impairments as well as individuals with developmental disabilities.

Understanding 508 Compliance

We help you meet the necessary requirements to make your site easy to use for everybody with 508 compliance. Ovatek’s design professionals make your site user-friendly with forward-thinking technology and design, ensuring that your site will remain functional for all visitors.

First, we evaluate your website to determine how well it currently meets 508 compliance standards. We discuss our findings with you and make a plan to address the most critical areas of your website first. Although this process takes time and attention, it’s imperative to ensure access for all your web users.

  • Helps hearing & visually impaired
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Expanded customer base
508 compliance guidelines

Our design team makes your site compatible with screen readers and our copywriters employ simple yet clear language on your site. Throughout the process, we answer any questions you may have and work closely with you to create an intuitive, accessible website.

Ovatek helps you meet the necessary requirements outlined in Section 508 Law while providing you with a web design that you’re proud to show your audience.

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