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Content marketing is a term that defines the creation of articles or other media that may be shared through social channels. Content marketing is a significant part of any internet marketing campaign and can create trust, loyalty, and connection among your customers.

  • Get free SEO audit.
  • Thorough optimization to increase rank.
  • Keywords and landing page integration.

This type of marketing has been shown to be a primary method for lead generation, so overlooking the importance of content could prevent your business from reaching your ideal customers. Here’s how Ovatek Web Solutions creates high quality content and uses it to appeal to customers, creating a wide-reaching social media network and optimizing conversions.

Our Website UX Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.

Research Phase

Frequently, marketers rely on replicating best practices and tests that drove results for other organizations in an effort quickly optimize conversion rates. Then they do not succeed, due to the fact that every orange button doesn't convert.

Reputable web agencies do a much better job at optimization, the reason is that's what they focus on. Ongoing, they put in the effort to understand the specific business model of their customers and do tests based on research.

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Hypothesis Phase

At this point in the research phase, we will have uncovered enough insights to determine the modifications to your pages or funnel which will bring the desired results. Having a well structured hypothesis will map out the direction for the optimization efforts.

Regardless whether your initial mapping fails, you can re-analyze the steps and correct the mapping. We know that without a well structured process, optimization efforts can fail.

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Prioritization Phase

After we have uncovered areas of your funnel for optimization, we plan out the testing schedule.

Potential - Find out the pages that are performing worst and can improve greatly
Importance - Then narrow down by selecting the ones that have the most valuable traffic
Ease - Realizing not all pages are easily optimized. It’s key that we start with the one that is easily optimized first and then move up the list.

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Testing Phase - A/B, Split, or Multivariate?

Why we run tests is so that we can understand if a change or changes can bring improved conversions. For example, if we begin a test, and it executes on the first 10 site visitors.

We view that 2 of those site users converted on the variation, compared to 1 on the original page. That’s a respectable 20% conversion rate against a weak 10% on the original.

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Learn Phase

We know that the analysis phase of an conversion optimization strategy allows us to close the loop for CRO and drive even further optimization efforts. It's unfortunate that many times optimizers look at the results of a test to only view if there was a variation that had success.

If there is one, they deploy it or if the test fails, they go back to creating more hypothesis. However, optimizers need to look deeper than that.

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Benefits of content marketing

With content marketing, you introduce potential customers to what you offer without seeming salesy or pushy in any way.

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  • Content marketing drives conversions
  • Improved Customer Relationships
  • Content can help you build trust with your target audience
  • It Helps Establish Your Brand Identity
  • It Allows You Take Advantage of Organic Search
  • Increases visibility of your brand
  • More accurate goal setting and tracking
  • Creates engagement

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  • Content marketing is cost-effective
  • Buyers are checking out your content before contacting sales
  • More Sales
  • More Leads
  • Increases Website Traffic
  • Better SEO
  • Faster Lead Conversion
  • Increased Audience Engagement

Establish Trust Among Customers

The content is informative and relevant, making it an extension of what you offer without actually being part of the sale from the reader’s perspective. It’s designed to be helpful and informative with a conversational voice, yet tone of authority.

Ovatek’s skilled content marketing team includes professionals such as graphic designers and content writers who know how to market your content to your ideal audience. We’ve helped our customers create unique content that speaks to readers across all types of industries. Content can then be shared on social media to get users to interact even more and spread your message and authority through social media channels, all of which helps to build your brand recognition and impact.

As part of your marketing strategy, content marketing increases your brand’s impact through articles on your company’s blog, infographics, and more.


  • +2.64% sessions
  • +12.35% average session duration
  • +25.47% pageviews
  • -53.21% bounce rate
  • +22.23% pages per session
  • +22.23% growth in sales

Engage on Social Media

It helps generate more traffic and increase conversions with information that’s genuinely useful and likeable, which also serves to build brand trust. Ovatek has the experience and strategists you need to give you the exact type of content to encourage people to connect and share. If you don’t already have a company blog, we can develop one for you with an attractive, intuitive design and regularly post articles that will have your potential customers in mind.

As part of our content marketing services, we also monitor social media channels. We use images to attract readers, targeted keywords to help the post rank in search engines, and work to ensure your site is building power and influence through the right content. This service doesn’t directly promote your brand, but rather your readers’ interest in your products or services. Through social media sharing, you can ensure your content gets seen as much as possible and will reach the right people with the best chances of converting.

Maintaining an active social media presence is important not just for your content marketing, but also for your business. Having a social media presence helps get customers’ attention and is a natural part of content marketing. Don’t have time for social media? We monitor and manage your social media channels to make it easy and effective for your business to stay engaged.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When it comes to content, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd as much as possible. Your web visitors and customers are bombarded with media daily. Quality content can not only enhance your strategy and tell your story, but can help you distinguish your company from the competition.

Your content is closely related to what you provide, so educate your audience through your content. What do you do, what do you sell, why should they listen to you? Helping your customers trust you and enjoy your content enough to become your customer is the goal.

Content marketing is becoming more and more of an essential when it comes to building a web presence. Educating and informing your customer about your brand, services, and products can happen in a discreet yet effective way on your blog.