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Imagine having complete transparency into how your online marketing efforts are working. Imagine seeing the success of your site splayed out in organized, comprehensible data. It’s easy when you work with Ovatek Web Solutions for custom SEO reporting. We provide a detailed SEO report every month that gains you unquestionable insight into the performance of your site. We help you determine where your traffic is coming from and how effective your marketing efforts are.

Ovatek also helps you create goals and take steps based on actual data to work towards those goals. With your SEO report, you can better understand what your site does well and what needs to be improved. Here’s how we help.

It’s our job to determine what specifically needs to happen in order for you to meet your goals. We discuss our research with you and hypothesize how you can best meet your goals through our work together.

Custom reporting enables you to see data on your site at regular intervals that actually shows your progress. Our hypothesizing process allows us to bypass guessing and instead use data to formulate a specific strategy for you to succeed on the web.

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Custom SEO Reporting Process


We determine your goals and align your SEO strategy with your business’ objectives. With custom reporting from Ovatek, you receive concrete and detailed information as often as you’d like about how well you’re reaching your goals.

Through identifying your vision for the future, we outline both your short- and long-term goals to set a direction. Then, we carefully review and report on your objectives with our custom reporting to determine what’s working and what needs improvement.


The outline for your custom report includes both goals you’ve already achieved and pending objectives. These include things like resolved technical SEO issues, pages and posts that have been optimized, and updated keyword research.

We also detail our next course of action after we discuss how your strategy is impacting your business so far. We ensure your custom report is easy to interpret and can walk you through the results so you understand what’s next.


Ovatek benchmarks your goals to complete them in an organized and timely manner. We also identify any relevant trends, evaluate the pace of your progress, and create a clear finish line for remaining tasks.

Custom reporting allows you to have complete transparency into our efforts so you know what’s happening and what still needs to happen. This information empowers you to see results as they happen, not just wonder what’s going on from month to month.


Adaptation is naturally part of our process when creating your custom report. We’re constantly evaluating and adjusting your strategy to ensure your needs are fully being met. Through our custom reporting, your needs are being adapted as your business grows.

Our reports are easy to understand and contain information that’s essential to seeing the progress of your campaign. Through constant improvement, we help your site always remain fresh, relevant, and on-point for your target audience.

Discover What Benefits You and What Doesn't

We break down your SEO report by channels, including your organic search efforts, social media marketing campaign, and paid advertisements. By determining where your traffic is coming from, we can see what’s drawing the most visitors to your website. Our reports give you detailed information about how well you’re reaching your goals, if your conversion rate is improving or declining, and information about leads in order to help you discover what’s most befitting you in terms of your optimization efforts.

  • Leverage actionable data
  • Increased lead generation
  • Develop reactive sales techniques
we provide in-depth reports for our clients

Our reports give you detailed information about how well you’re reaching your goals, if your conversion rate is improving or declining, and information about leads in order to help you discover what’s most befitting you in terms of your optimization efforts.

We customize your reports and break down information to help you make sense of it so you can move forward with informed intentions as a business.


Traffic Increase


Rankings Increase


ROI Results

Leverage Valuable Analytics Metrics

Part of what makes your SEO report so valuable is that it can help discover where your leads are coming from, which helps you focus on your ideal customer to nourish relationships that could lead to an increase in revenue.

  • Know how to increased satisfaction
  • Enhance targeted telesales
  • Drive brand awareness and loyalty
reports available online for clients to view

Your report is personalized to your specific preferences, so whether you need a report that’s organized a little differently based on your priorities or just need additional information, we make your SEO report exactly what you need it to be. From lead attribution to ROI tracking, the advantages of a SEO report are limitless. These reports allow companies to understand how well their investments into different marketing channels are working.

Ever wonder what your cost-per-lead (CPL) is? Our SEO reporting can tell you exactly how much you’re spending on nurturing these leads and how effective your efforts are at increasing your conversion rate. You’ve made an investment into marketing your site and what it offers. SEO reporting can help you make the most of that investment. When you need specific data about how well your site is performing in certain areas, a SEO report delivers. These reports allow you to make better decisions for your business’ marketing efforts based on this information.

Gain Deep Performance Insight

Ovatek’s comprehensive SEO reporting helps you invest in a deeper understanding about your site’s performance when it comes to search engine optimization. Find out what keywords are helping customers find you, where those customers are coming from, and what changes you can make to improve conversions. SEO reporting offers all this and much more.With keywords fluctuating, your competition changing, and your business always evolving, having insight into these changes can help you foresee problems and take steps to stay ahead with your competitive strategy. This will help you boost rankings and outshine the competition.

  • Leverage data to drive business growth
  • Sharpen targeted marketing strategies
  • Gain deep insight into web traffic
we work with the best seo reporting software available

Having a detailed SEO report every month can help you handle any issues that may be occurring, such as a shift in keywords, visitors leaving your site, or incurring a higher CPL to help you better manage your site’s performance.

This type of reporting has the ability to truly keep you ahead and help you improve areas of concern so you function at your best every day.

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