Cyber Security Consulting Services

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Weaknesses in your architecture, security plan, or IT compliancy can threaten your business and result in unforeseen expenses. Cyber security consultants are necessary when you’re operating your business on the web. Although most businesses have a plan in place for when disaster strikes, most people aren’t confident in their current security setup. If you aren’t sure how your risk management stands up to your actual risk, you need more insight into what you can do better. .

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Ovatek Web Solutions can help protect your site from all the threats out there on the web today that can compromise your business. Our cyber security consultants help you fully manage your risks and take every step necessary to ensure you never suffer the consequences of an attack.

Our Cyber Security Consulting Process

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Critical Immediate Response

As a website owner you know very well that every hour or even minute your site is down can cost you a significant amount of money and harm to your reputation. Whether directly from lost sales, to lost advertising dollars, to dealing with angry phone calls.

When your business is on the line (or rather offline), waiting around for a vendor to respond is simply not an option. We know the critical nature of a hacked site and we respond immediately.

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Rapid Damage Assessment

Although malware and website hacks ultimately have a limited number of variations, certain ones are known for doing greater damage to your website and to your business than others. If you have been hacked more than once this increases the risk or greater damage.

The key is to determine the proper balance, so that you no longer have to continually worry about security. Isn't it time to start worrying about what really matters most - your business.

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Resolving The Issues

Something that you can surely count on is that if your website is not totally cleaned on the first go through, you can expect there to remain hacker backdoors or malware left on the site. Most certainly the damage will return and likely with increased damage.

For a business to have to deal with this one time is bad enough. Having to go through all of this over again is a nightmare

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Securing The Site

Once we are done cleaning up the site, we then need to securely shutdown and lock all the doors. If you do not implement adequate security after a clean up, the very same hackers who took down your site to begin with will just be back to hack you again. And then you would have to repeat this whole painstaking process.

That’s why, unlike other security organizations, we make it a point to include basic security lockdowns in every hack repair that we do.

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Keeping You Protected

The final step in our process is keeping the site clean for the initial thirty days after resolution. Since the most likely time for a repeat breach by the same hacker is in the month following the first hack, we make it a point to monitor the site for 30 days after a breach.

If the hack comes back, we take care of the problem again and adjust the security at no extra charge to you. If the attacker is particularly good at breaching your site, then we can recommend additional or next steps.

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benefits of cyber consulting

When you aren’t sure what vulnerabilities your site has, you can’t work to defend yourself against them.

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  • Denies Spyware
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  • Data security
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Understand Your Security Risks

. Ovatek’s cyber security consultants help you understand your current security position first, so that we can work together to strengthen your defense. Our security professionals conduct an assessment that reviews your web infrastructure, IT compliancy, current risks, and any holes in your system that could leave you susceptible to security breaches.

Through understanding your risks, you can prepare for and build your defense against attacks. Our concrete guidance helps you to meet security needs and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our cyber security consultants provide an independent evaluation of your security setup to uncover and evaluate risks so that you can create an airtight security strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Designing and implementing your ideal security strategy with cyber security consultants can help you take full advantage of your investment in security on the web.


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Put a Strategized Plan in Place

Ovatek creates and adapts your security strategy to address your risks and while allowing you to stay focused on your business’ core functions. Together, we discover new ways to strengthen your cyber security. Security risks such as viruses and data breaches are always changing. These evolving threats challenge your risk management strategies.

. What works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. You can protect your data by addressing the essential elements of cyber security, including assessing your site architecture, working to prevent attacks, and daily risk management. If you’re working with a faulty infrastructure, addressing these problems from the ground up creates a secure foundation. With Ovatek’s cyber security consultants, your strategy is specifically tailored to your business. Our insights and expertise help you build your defense against threats and make smarter decisions when it comes to managing your risks. More than that, we make specific recommendations to strengthen your website against even the most brutal attacks.

Our services have helped businesses of all types of industries attain cyber security. Regardless of the size of your business, we help you put the best plan in place for preventing breaches, maintaining security, and recovering from an attack.

Work with Practiced Cyber Security Consultants

Whether changes to your infrastructure are needed or you need to evaluate the probability of a breach, Ovatek helps you make informed decisions with our cyber security consultants. From what a breach will cost you to how it will impact your customers, we help you understand your most prevalent weaknesses and work quickly to fix them. When you sustain the right security environment and have a flexible plan in place, you’re better able to monitor your site and keep your data safe.

From assessing your risk to implementing strategies, cyber security consultants prioritize your security concerns and address them. Our professionals are ready to ensure your site maximizes uptime and keeps threats to an absolute minimum. We’re your comprehensive defense team when it comes to handling threats, all while presenting a secure face to your customer.

You can get the most out of your investment in security with cyber security consultants. Your business needs an approach that will benefit all aspects of your online presence. How effective are your current security measures? Find out how well your business will hold up to both small and large-scale attacks with our cyber security consultants.