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DDoS Protection Services

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more of a threat to your online presence. These attacks essentially make your website inaccessible. A DDoS attack will drain your network’s resources through a massive surge of traffic, making entry for your legitimate web users impossible, and in some cases, kicking your site completely offline.

Cyber criminals are always evolving their techniques to be more effective and elusive, which can make detection challenging. Managed DDoS protection from the professionals at Ovatek Web Solutions can help.

Our security team has extensive experience protecting a variety of industries. We have the skill and resources to stop devastating DDoS attacks that can happen at any time.

We’re able to divert attacks away from your website while a scalable bandwidth defends against the swell of traffic, therefore stopping attackers from bringing down your site or disrupting any of your regular operations.

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DDoS Protection Process

Website Protection

Always-on DDoS protection that automatically detects and mitigates attacks targeting websites and web applications

Website Protection is an optional DDoS mitigation service that can be added to any Website Security subscription.

Infrastructure Protection

On-demand or always-on protection against DDoS attacks that directly target your network infrastructure.

Infrastructure Protection can be used to defend entire subnets.

Nameserver Protection

Always-on DDoS protection for your Name Server (NS) that protects DNS servers against network and application layer assaults.

Name Server Protection also accelerates DNS responses.

The Effects of a DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks vary widely. Attackers may use a single method or they may combine several methods into one attack that could completely disable your website. DDoS attacks are prevalent because they present unique security challenges and are relatively cheap to deploy. Some attackers even use DDoS attacks as a distraction, occupying your security team while installing a backdoor on your system to gain access later.

  • On-line, real-time, 365/24/7 detection
  • Protection from all forms of DDoS threats
  • Web infrastructure protection
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Although the attacks themselves typically don’t last long, their effects on sites without managed DDoS protection in place are devastating. They can cost a single business tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds. You may need to replace hardware and software following an attack. Your system may now have a virus. Perhaps the most damaging effect of a DDoS attack is the loss of a reputable brand image and subsequently, lost customers. Often, customer data or other intellectual property is compromised, making your business appear untrustworthy and unprotected on the internet, and making it that much harder to recover from an attack.

Ovatek Web Solutions creates custom security solutions for your managed DDoS protection. We effectively mitigate attacks while still allowing legitimate traffic through. We design your plan to meet your specific needs, resulting in comprehensive, wholly effective protection efforts.


DDoS Stopped


Malware Prevented


Revenues Protected

How We Thwart Your Attackers

When you safeguard your site with managed DDoS protection with Ovatek, you have 24/7 monitoring that will detect an attack and begin mitigating it at moment’s notice. We filter all incoming traffic, effectively blocking out malicious, DDoS traffic and keeping your genuine traffic flowing through. We analyze all traffic to immediately identify an attack and deal with it accordingly.

  • Detailed attack reports
  • Advanced visitor identification technology
  • Cloud based DDoS mitigation
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During a DDoS attack, your site’s performance is severely hindered or your site may be booted totally offline. Ovatek prevents this from happening with our managed DDoS protection. We have the ability to defend your site against even the largest and most complex attacks to deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ovatek’s security professionals ensure your network is performing for your legitimate traffic regardless of whether or not an attack has been initiated. Our flexible solutions are always on, monitoring your site for attacks 24/7.

Don’t Be Blindsided by an Attack

If you have an online business and don’t have managed DDoS protection in place, you’re exposing your site to malicious attacks that your business might not be able to recover from.

Don’t let attackers stop you from providing your service or selling your product on the internet. Ovatek’s multi-layered protection creates custom managed DDoS protection services that keep your site operating no matter what.

In the event of an attack, we stop malicious traffic before it has a chance to access your network and impact operations. Since every DDoS attack is different, you need experienced security professionals who know how to respond accordingly.

Whether you want a cloud-based solution or something that’s on-site, Ovatek has the means to provide you with comprehensive managed DDoS protection services. We have full visibility into an attack as it’s happening and respond appropriately.

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