In August 2014, Imperva Incapsula surveyed 250 businesses having at least 250 employees to get the facts related to DDoS attack frequency and costs. Almost half-45 percent-of respondents indicated that their company had been hit by a DDoS attack at some point in the past.

The majority of assaults (86 percent) lasted less than a day, while 68 percent persisted less than 13 hours. Although seemingly short-lived, the estimated cost of any such attack is $40,000 per hour—making the approximate cost of each intrusion almost $500,000.

The costs of DDoS attacks are not just financial. In this context, 52 percent of respondents had to replace hardware or software, 50 percent had a virus or malware installed or activated, and 43 percent experienced loss of consumer trust.


In addition, as a result of DDoS penetration
-combined with other hacking techniques-33 percent experienced customer data theft, while 19 percent experienced loss of intellectual property.

Top Web Security Threats

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Security 50%
Malware 40%
Ransomware 30%

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For every single hour that your website is down you lose money. This happens from lost sales opportunities, wasted internet marketing dollars and damage to business reputation. What is the point of fixing malware or other type of hacking issue if you do not implement preventive security?

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Hacktivists -I
As the name implies, this type of hacker is typically motivated by a political cause. Hacktivists use DDoS attacks as a means to express their criticism of everything from governments and politicians,
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Hacktivists -II
to “big business” and current events—such as the World Cup. Since September 2012, nearly 50 U.S. financial institutions have been targeted in over 200 DDoS attacks by the Qassam Cyber Fighters hacktivist group (allegedly backed by Iran).
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Extortionists -I
Another common motivation for DDoS attacks is extortion, whereby a miscreant sends a ransom note to victims before or after an attack. A recent wave of extortionstyled attacks targeted several
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Extortionists -II
prominent online software companies-including ProtonMail MeetUp, Bitly, Vimeo, and Basecamp, among others. Once a site has been targeted, money (usually in the $300 – $400 range) is demanded in exchange for stopping or not carrying out the attack.
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Competitors -I
DDoS attacks are increasingly being used as a competitive business tool. Some are designed to keep a competitor from doing online business or participating in a significant event such as Cyber Monday (the cyber equivalent of blocking the entrance to your competitor’s store).
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Competitors -II
If your site is down, your services are disrupted and consumers may flock to your competitor. Even a very small amount of downtime can end up costing a company many thousands of dollars.
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Vandals -I
And then there are “black hat” hackers— innately nasty people who get a kick out of bringing down a company’s website. In the words of Batman’s faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth,
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Vadals -II
“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” DDoS vandals are the equivalent of the first generation of computer virus writers, looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.
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