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GOOGLE Analytics is an excellent tool that can provide valuable insight into how well your online business is doing in regards to traffic, conversions, and more. But how can you sift through all this information to understand the data on a concrete level?

Google Analytics training with Ovatek Web Solutions enables you to understand and utilize Google Analytics reports.

We then provide suggestions based on that data to enhance traffic and improve your conversion rate. We understand that all the information Google provides can seem overwhelming and incomprehensible.

With the experienced team of industry professionals at Ovatek, you can leverage Google analytics training to make the most of this data for the success of your business.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

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Google Analytics Critical Reporting


Understanding how to utilize the Audience reports in Google Analytics can help you get to know your customers better. You can define an audience based on a variety of characteristics and interpret reports based on these visitors.

This information enables you to recognize patterns such as purchase frequency, age group, and even certain times of day your visitors engage with your site. Empower your company to make full use of this feature with training from Ovatek.


Gain valuable insight into your visitors’ Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC). This information includes how you gain visitors as well as the actions they take on your site after you acquire them.

The Acquisition reports also detail any patterns that are relevant to your traffic’s conversion. When you want to have a better understanding of your leads and conversion rate, Ovatek helps your business interpret this information so you can make better informed decisions to acquire more customers.


How do your visitors move through your site? The Behavior Flow report from Google Analytics can help you understand how your visitors engage with you online.

The flow of traffic includes what page your visitor went to from where and can provide data on what types of content are keeping people on your site. Ovatek ensures you can also utilize this feature to help you spot issues with your site’s navigation and content to improve.


While leads and traffic are beneficial to your site, conversions are typically what’s going to gain you revenue. A conversion is usually defined as your visitor completing an activity that drives the success of your business.

Google Analytics helps you track conversions based on what you consider your conversions to be, whether they’re goal-based conversions or ecommerce-based conversions. Ovatek can further help you leverage this data through deep insight into the Conversions report.

Benefits of Google Analytics Training

We help you filter through the data to understand what it means beyond the percentages, statistics, and figures. When used properly, Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking your website’s performance. Whether you’re a small start-up business or a large enterprise, this tool can be extremely helpful for realizing how effective your website is.

How well you know Google Analytics translates to how much value you get from it. All the data that the reports provide can be confusing, but having industry leaders who understand Google Analytics inside and out can make it easier. When you better understand what the data is trying to tell you, you can use this information to make decisions for your business. Apply what you’ve learned to your marketing channels. Repair the gaps in your sales funnel. You can make the right decisions for your business with this invaluable insight.

  • Customized data and reporting
  • Understand traffic to your website
  • Learn how track search traffic channels
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How do users navigate their way through your site? What needs to happen during your next online marketing campaign? Why do visitors leave when they get to a certain page? Google Analytics training can help you answer these questions and more.

You want to create a clear message with simple yet effective web design to get through to your customers. Intuitive design makes it easy to convey your brand and what you offer to your customers and prevents confusion.Ignoring the importance of smart website design can be detrimental to your business’ online reputation. Having the desired effect on your potential clients is easy when you work with the creative talent at Ovatek!


User Targeting


Campaign Performance


Content Reach

Make Informed Decisions

With Google Analytics training, you can track your website’s data to make sense of visitor actions, take steps to increase traffic, and decrease the bounce rates from your site. Ovatek’s experienced professionals can help you make educated decisions about the best steps for your business based on this information.Since Google is constantly updating, you need professionals you can trust who are current on best practices and the most recent standards for internet marketing.

  • Ability to better target your customers
  • Learn how to leverage your sites traffic
  • Learn how to create targeted campaigns
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Let’s talk about your business goals and look at the big picture of your website data with Google Analytics training. We make it possible for you align that data with your goals. The proper strategy is that much easier to design and implement when you fully understand your website’s performance.

Ovatek can take that knowledge a step further and get you to where you want to be. Since internet marketing techniques are ever-changing, we adapt quickly as your Google Analytics results change or your business goals evolve. Ovatek doesn’t provide you with a bunch of data and expect you to make sense of it yourself. Our Google Analytics training helps you learn the necessary skills to interpret the data through custom reporting, training, and support.

Advantages of Google Analytics Training

We help with all aspects of Google Analytics, from getting set up to support to interpreting the data. We don’t leave you in the dark with the results—we provide you with suggestions for conversion optimization and can work with you to make those changes a reality.

Knowing how to apply the data and take action is crucial. When you take advantage of Google Analytics training, Ovatek makes it possible to better understand your site’s performance, from visitor habits to bounce rates to targeted keywords. For our clients who take advantage of enterprise SEO, we provide advanced Google Analytics training to help you take your marketing campaign a step further. We welcome you to uncover all the value that Google Analytics provides.

Don’t be unaware of how your business is doing and what it needs to improve. We help you understand Google Analytics and make the most sense of your data. Get in touch today to learn more about Google Analytics training with Ovatek Web Solutions.

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