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Hacked Website Repair Services

There are few things more stressful than a hacked website. When hackers gain control over your site, it can be used to host viruses or cause your site to crash, leading to downtime that will take time to fix. Every minute that your site is down is costing you revenue. Not to mention that hacked websites could be blacklisted by search engines and therefore flush your rankings down the toilet.

We know you’ve worked hard to get your website to where it is today. Hacked website repair is less stressful when you work with Ovatek Web Solutions. We lock the hackers out, clean up the mess, and put preventative measures in place. For hacked website repair that gets your site back up as quickly as possible, get in touch so we can immediately begin repairing your site.

A critical step in our process is keeping the site clean for the initial thirty days after resolution. Since the most likely time for a repeat breach by the same hacker is in the month following the first hack, we make it a point to monitor the site for 30 days after a breach.

If the hack comes back, we take care of the problem again and adjust the security at no extra charge to you. If the attacker is particularly good at breaching your site, then we can recommend additional or next steps.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Hack Rescue Process

Critical Immediate Response

As a website owner you know very well that every hour or even minute your site is down can cost you a significant amount of money and harm to your reputation. Whether directly from lost sales, to lost advertising dollars, to dealing with angry phone calls.

When your business is on the line (or rather offline), waiting around for a vendor to respond is simply not an option. We know the critical nature of a hacked site and we respond immediately.

Rapid Damage Assessment

Although malware and website hacks ultimately have a limited number of variations, certain ones are known for doing greater damage to your website and to your business than others. If you have been hacked more than once this increases the risk or greater damage.

The key is to determine the proper balance, so that you no longer have to continually worry about security. Isn't it time to start worrying about what really matters most - your business.

Resolving The Issues

Something that you can surely count on is that if your website is not totally cleaned on the first go through, you can expect there to remain hacker backdoors or malware left on the site. Most certainly the damage will return and likely with increased damage.

For a business to have to deal with this one time is bad enough. Having to go through all of this over again is a nightmare.

Securing The Site

Once we are done cleaning up the site, we then need to securely shutdown and lock all the doors. If you do not implement adequate security after a clean up, the very same hackers who took down your site to begin with will just be back to hack you again. And then you would have to repeat this whole painstaking process.

That’s why, unlike other security organizations, we make it a point to include basic security lockdowns in every hack repair that we do.

Resolving The Effects Of A Hacked Website

A hacked website is easily viewed by visitors as a liability and they’ll shy away upon learning that your site’s been hacked. This is an extremely stressful time that we know you just want to go away. Our highly-skilled hacked website repair team at Ovatek works quickly to conceal and repair the damage. We clean up the mess that hackers leave behind so your site gets back to its professional self in no time and you can get back to doing business.

  • Website Hardening and Monitoring
  • Malware removal
  • Dirty SEO repair
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We work with both individuals and businesses to take back your site after a vicious attack. If you believe your site’s been compromised in any way, get in touch. We take direct action to reestablish control of your site and work quickly to fix the damage while doing it.

With our hacked website repair, we make the process of cleaning up your site straightforward and painless. We help you minimize damage to lost revenue from a site that’s perceived as untrustworthy by customers. Let us clean up the mess while you stress less and get back to business.

Hacked website repair is great—but what about your everyday security measures? Ovatek is different in how we do business. We don’t rescue your site from a hack without implementing ongoing security measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


DDoS Stopped


Malware Prevented


Revenues Protected

Preventative Measures Put in Place

Unfortunately, popular content management systems such as WordPress are frequently attempted hacking targets. Our preventative measures help you strengthen your site against these malicious attackers.

  • Rapid Recovery
  • Extremely fast response times
  • Negative SEO reversals
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It takes a trained eye to spot areas where hackers might be gaining entry into your site. Our experienced team removes all backdoors where hackers might be sneaking in. We lock out attackers with our hacked website repair and continue to monitor failed login attempts. We’re here to help you avoid future hackings and the devastation in rankings and revenue they bring.

Although removing any damaged files and content during a hack rescue is beneficial, the real work comes with restoring your site in the search engines and regaining trust among your customers.

We Restore Your Website and Rankings

You worked hard for your Google rankings, but a hacked website can quickly take you out of the search engines. We can help set things right and ensure you get removed from any bans and attain normalcy again!

We know the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with a hacked website repair team that’s unresponsive and contributing to your already flaming-high stress level. Our trusted professionals are here to take that load off your shoulders and get your site completely restored. We don’t just put a bandage on the problem—we fix your site from the inside out with our hacked website repair.

Through restoring your rankings, we help you recover from monetary and reputation loss as a result of the hack. We’re there for you when your site gets hacked and make sure your site is wiped clean of any evidence of a hack and better protected against this type of event in the future.Thousands of websites are hacked every day. Small and medium sized businesses are being targeted now more than ever. How safe is your site? When you need hacked website repair, we invite you to get in touch so we can restore your site as quickly as possible!

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