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Our Mobile App Development Platforms

MOBILE app development has made a huge impact on customer relations. Not only do these interactive applications increase customer engagement, but they also help build brand recognition and loyalty among your customers. Where do you start with developing a mobile app? Whether you have a prototype of your app or simply an idea of what you imagine it to be like, Ovatek Web Solutions can help. We work with your company to develop your app regardless of what stage it’s in.

We bring creative and professional mobile app development to your business, making customer engagement and brand recognition an intuitive part of your marketing.

Our creative professionals build your mobile app and test it on all devices, even older devices that your customers might be using.

We complete your custom project to work on any mobile device, so whether your target customer is using the latest smartphone or a first generation tablet, we’ve got you covered.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Our Mobile App Development Platforms

Apple IOS

Ovatek’s experience helps you optimize Apple’s capabilities for your iOS mobile app. We focus on crafting an exceptional experience based on optimal performance and a refined user interface that your customers will love.

Leveraging the power of iOS for your mobile applications is easy when you work with our professionals. Don’t compromise on your app’s design or performance—let us take your vision for your iOS app and turn it into something you can be proud of.


Take advantage of the speed and freedom Android affords to really speak to your customers. Ovatek designs your custom Android app that operates on a variety of devices to create consistency and provide an enjoyable user experience.

No matter where your customers are accessing your app from, our team’s experience developing apps for Android allows you to reach a diverse range of mobile users. Let’s discuss what you envision your company’s app on Android.


Can’t decide which version you want your app to take? Let’s discuss cross-platform mobile apps. You can reduce the cost of both your maintenance and development with these versatile mobile apps that work on both platforms.

Ovatek’s experienced team designs your custom mobile app that will work perfectly with both iOS and Android. By creating a cross-platform mobile app, you eliminate your need to choose between platforms and help your customers reach you without limit.

Work with Our Mobile App Design Team

We want your app to be a reflection of your business and its customer ideals, so we ensure that your project meets your expectations and delivers results. We create your vision, even if it’s just a vision that you have at this point. Ovatek makes your concept for your mobile app come to life with our design team. Let’s discuss ideas and talk about what your app will look like and what it will achieve. Your satisfaction is our priority at Ovatek.

  • Provide more value to your customers
  • Strengthen your company's brand
  • Enable increased profits
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In order to reduce risk and give you the most insight into the potential of your mobile app development project, we do the research and construct a prototype. We make your concept a reality, even in the event that you need a prototype to secure funding with potential investors to develop the app. We help you answer questions about how the app will function and what it will achieve, including how it will work across different platforms, the capabilities it needs, and optimizing user experience.


Average ROI


User Loyalty


Brand Visibility

Reach a New Audience

Mobile app development takes your customer engagement initiatives to the next level. If you’re looking to reach a younger audience, or even just a more mobile audience that uses a smartphone for web access more often than a computer, developing a mobile app is essential.

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Enhances user accessibiltiy options
  • Be visible to customers at all times
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Ovatek Web Solutions mobile app development services save you time in developing and launching your app. We provide you vital insight into how the app will function, detail the process from beginning to end, and finally, make your idea come alive for your brand.

Apps offer advantages that web browsing just can’t reach. Apps are faster to launch, strengthen your brand recognition and visibility, and increase your customer’s access to you. Through mobile app development, you’re able to connect and interact with customers in a way you couldn’t before—simply, directly, and efficiently.

Creating an experience for your user with mobile app development isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Developing an app and engaging customers are not the same thing. At Ovatek Web Solutions, we pursue true connection with the customer to create an exceptional experience.

Ready to Get Started with Mobile App Development?

Let’s work together to take your ideas and make them something you’re proud to share with customers. We’re the partner who listens, provides advice, and are responsive through your mobile app development process.

When you’re ready to discuss your thoughts for a mobile app, let’s talk. From increasing your conversion rates to building brand recognition, the benefits of mobile app development redefine the success of your business. We’re ready to make your next customer engagement step a reality!

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