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Reputation Management Services

There are few things as important as your reputation. It doesn’t matter if your business exists solely online or has a physical location as well—your reputation is what customers trust.

If your site is your source of revenue or even just a supplement to your actual business, online reputation management services can help. Ovatek Web Solutions builds and manages a strong reputation that shows your best side at all times.

Online reputation management is an ongoing process that helps to build positive content, suppress negative content, and help your brand be seen as trustworthy. In a world where reputations can be ruined in a matter of hours, these services are essential for businesses of all types.

You are investing in your reputation for a want to protect it and protect your revenues. Let's be honest, why invest in a really good web agency if you do not also want to greatly improve your reputation online. So you need to track whether that’s working.

All the major review sites on the web come with scores. In real-time we monitor these and watch these grow as you provide value to your community.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Reputation Management Process

Monitor Your Reputation

Monitoring your online reputation is first and most critical step to taking control of your online reputation. Leaving this step out, we are unable to do the rest. The entire strategic plan is based on the idea that we hear what people are saying about you or your brand, and then we respond.

What we monitor depends on what parts of the web ecosystem your brand is present. Do people talk about your on social media, on forums, or on review sites?

Response Planning

The way we are going to going to manage and improve your reputation will ultimately be driven by action. So what exactly do you do when you get that negative review? Sure it could be tempting to brush it off and pretend it never happened hoping it get's lost in a slew of positive reviews.

Unless immediate action is taken, you or your brand is at risk for what data shows could be substantial financial loss. We act quickly.

Delicately Handling Negative Comments

Unfortunately in todays web centric world you cannot afford to simply ignore bad comments. These comments are public, potentially being visible online forever. You must respond, and responding will give you a chance to clear the air.

There have been many studies that show how unhappy customers can be won over with the right response. So what’s the proper most effective approach? Professional. Polite. Friendly.

Building Upon Positives

In the same way that you don't want to ignore negative comments, it is wise and financially beneficial to respond to the good ones as well. These types of comments or posts are the ones that actually positively build your online reputation.

Not only will you be rewarded by your customers for saying kind things, you will also encourage and drive others to do the same. It's really that simple. Be sure to thank people for their kind reviews.

Why Reputation Management Is Essential

This means there’s a good chance that your customers are seeing reviews of your business before they ever come into contact with your site. If your reviews are anything less than stellar, your customers may decide to look elsewhere and not even have an opportunity to interact with the real you. Customers judge your business based on your online reputation. They tend to trust what others say about you rather than what you say about yourself. This is why online reputation management is so important to have, especially if your business exists solely through the internet.

  • Builds trust with your customers
  • Brand management
  • Information consistency
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Your reputation is a permanent thing that will follow you for life. All the time and effort you’ve spent into building your online reputation can be ruined in seconds by old content that’s less than flattering about who you are or what your business does. Ovatek Web Solutions doesn’t just build your reputation or repair it and then leave it there. Our online reputation management services are part of an ongoing process with people who are just as committed to your business as you are. So whether you’re facing a crisis or just want to be proactive about your reputation, we make our services custom to you.

Ovatek works with you to create an individualized method that’ll support a positive, trustworthy reputation at all times for your business.


Trust In Business


Profits Increase


Resolution Speed

Process for Managing Your Reputation

As part of our online reputation management, we create and establish new, positive content about your brand or business to help clear any negative search results with harmful content. Building out positive content allows you to have more control over what people see when they search for your brand online. We also create profiles for you with professional copy on websites and social media platforms that have high search rankings, such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and more with online reputation management. This establishes your business in the top search engines and endorses your reputability.

  • Generate reliability in the market
  • Business listing management
  • Improves sales and profitability
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Ovatek’s ongoing efforts block undesirable content from reaching your customers or remove it completely if possible. We establish your business as the trustworthy brand you actually are. With our online reputation management services, we not only build your brand up, but keep the positive content coming to help your reputation remain upright on a constant basis.

There’s not a moment when the face of your business doesn’t matter to your success. Whether it’s attracting new clients, launching a business, or initiating a partnership, online reputation management can help you secure the reputation your business deserves to look its best at all times.

It’s Time to Protect Your Online Reputation

We know the majority of your customers are looking at your reviews and that those reviews are influencing their decision to work with you. We help you ethically and effectively source genuine positive reviews and help manage negative ones with our online reputation management services.

Through our services, an online search for your business will only turn up the best of what people have to say about you through reviews, social media content, articles, press releases, and more.

Is your business worried about the threat of a destroyed reputation? Do you need help with pushing away negative content and building up positive content and reviews? Regardless of what your situation is, our professionals can help. Get in touch to discover more about our online reputation management services today!

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