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Reputation Repair Services

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to damage an online reputation. All it takes is one angry person, a negative article, a bad review, or an innocent mistake to ruin your reputation. Your customers are influenced by what they see about you online, whether the content they’re seeing is true or not. It doesn’t matter how old the content is or how false, customers will believe it.

Ovatek Web Solutions employs discreet, proven techniques for online reputation repair that will help get your reputation back. We remove or suppress unflattering content, improve your ratings, and build your reputation back up.

The internet has become the first impression of all things—but we can help turn your predicament around to reflect only the positive attributes of your business with our online reputation repair services.

Online reputation repair is also centered on the creation and distribution of positive content, so Ovatek makes your content as engaging as possible to remove negative results and build up positive ones. This process typically requires ongoing attention and will be specific to your unique needs.

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Reputation Repair Process


Reputation repair is essential for companies that are losing customers and revenue based on negative content. The content may be true or false, but to a customer, it won’t matter. Negative search results can severely impact your business and turn people away.

Even customers that have been with you for years can be swayed by negative content or reviews on the web. Ovatek’s practiced reputation repair team helps your company get its positive reputation back.

Impact of Negative Online Reputation

The impact of a damaged reputation online is huge, especially if negative search results are coming up on the first page when a customer searches for your business. In our digital world, negative content can spread like wildfire and deal your business a huge blow.

No matter what the problem is, the monetary impact on your business can be devastating. We work to create the positive impact your business deserves with our discreet and professional reputation repair services.


In order to build your reputation back up and suppress the negative content that’s damaged your business, our team focuses on gaining positive attention for you.

IIn order to do this, we keep your site current with relevant, helpful content and facilitate positive customer engagement on your social media accounts. Our team works diligently to get your company’s reputation back and build back up your customer base so we can show people who you really are.

How We Repair Your Reputation

Regardless of the speed, a quality approach is important to stay on top of your reputation and ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Ovatek’s reputation professionals perform an extensive analysis of all your content results with the major search engines. After we identify all harmful content, we develop a custom strategy to repair your online reputation.

  • Push bad results down in google
  • mprove google business reviews
  • Negative review monitoring
how to repair your reputation online

We work ethically and responsibly to remove negative content, if possible. Sometimes, removing negative content isn’t possible and instead we’ll work to undercut its credibility in the search engines. Through weakening this negative content, we help improve your online image. After researching your brand and coming up with a strategy, we work carefully to implement changes that’ll emphasize the positives of your business. Our strategists implement advanced SEO techniques to bring you back to the top.

Building and maintaining the aspects of your web presence that you control are important aspects of successful online reputation repair.


Trust In Business


Profits Increase


Resolution Speed

Benefits of Online Reputation Repair

Ovatek helps show web users that you’re an authority by creating and establishing positive information. This enables your customers to see the whole picture about who you are and what your brand represents, rather than making a quick judgment based on one negative article or review.

  • Reputation audits and reports
  • Add positive content to your online presence
  • Change search results
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Online reputation repair isn’t strictly about deleting your past, but about keeping your positive attributes at the top of the search engines. We help you engage with your audience through the appropriate channels so that you can broadcast the truth about who you are and what your business does.

Even though it’s true that any type of negative content has the potential to damage your business’ reputation, you can be successful with getting that reputation back. We help you successfully navigate the process of reclaiming what’s yours—your trustworthy image.You need professionals to remove the negativity that’s damaged your reputation. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, there’s no point in trying to address the negativity regarding your online reputation repair.

You may only end up drawing more attention to the negativity. For instance, if you contact those who posted negative information about you, you can damage your reputation even further if this isn’t done in the most sensitive and professional manner possible.

Getting Set Up for Future Success

Ovatek can help you regain control of your business’ reputation with our online reputation repair services. Together, we drive traffic and revenue by reestablishing a positive image for your brand.

We also set you up for future success by monitoring your search results to ensure bad information stays away with our online reputation repair services. Our efforts consistently suppress any negative content that may come to light.

Although reputation repair doesn’t happen overnight, it is possible and can be done professionally, ethically, and safely in a way that will make you stronger in the future. Contact us to learn more about our online reputation repair!

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