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More and more businesses are moving to the cloud, and with good reason. Cloud computing has become popular thanks to its flexibility and cost efficiency, making it an ideal platform for many organizations. Both public and private clouds are embraced, which results in hybrid cloud solutions that make your capabilities limitless for your business. It seems like an easy choice to switch to the cloud, but many people don’t consider cloud security needs.

When you evolve your infrastructure, your security needs to evolve as well. Ovatek Web Solutions can construct a personalized cloud security plan to protect your business, users, customers, data, and more.

Ovatek employs best security practices to keep your cloud infrastructure safe from malicious attacks. Our team constantly monitors your network and traffic to always keep your infrastructure prepared and protected against security breaches.

Our experienced security professionals ensure the strength and scalability of your site to generate your best defense against attacks. In today’s digital world, security breaches are commonplace—it’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked, but when, so it pays to be ready.

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Cloud Security Components

Name Server Protection

Ovatek offers Name Server Protection (also called NS protection) in order to protect your server from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks overwhelm your site with traffic, making your server unavailable to customers for an indefinable amount of time.

Name Server Protection constantly guards your server to mitigate DDoS attacks in just seconds, keeping your network secure against these malicious attacks which can cause serious downtime and untold damage to your company.

Bot Mitigation

Ovatek employs bot management techniques to keep malicious bots from stealing your content and negatively impacting your site. Legitimate bots are an important tool when indexing your site, but we need to be able to identify these genuine bots.

Our constantly-evolving database of bot profiles keeps track of the ones that are beneficial to your site while blocking out suspicious activity. Through bot mitigation, we enable your site to remain secure and keep your regular traffic flowing.

Site Failover

Having a backup of your site is great, but employing a site failover—where your site automatically switches over to its backup—can minimalize disruption and maintain complete functionality in the event of a system malfunction.

Ovatek’s team puts a plan in place to immediately divert traffic to a backup version of your site in a disaster situation. This allows you to retain customers and thoroughly fix the problem without worrying about site downtime.

Health Monitoring

Continuously monitoring the health of your server via passive and active health monitoring ensures site availability at all times and mitigates risk. Optimizing your site’s performance helps retain customers and allows your business to enjoy enhanced cloud security.

Monitoring your server’s health enables fast recovery in the event of a system failure and allows us to employ ongoing best security practices. Ovatek’s cloud security team leverages health monitoring to keep your organization secure in the cloud.

Keep Up with Security Threats

Hackers and viruses are always advancing. A single-strategy solution just doesn’t make the cut when it comes to cloud security. Companies often move to the cloud to keep up with technology and have increased capabilities, but if your cloud security can’t keep up with your infrastructure, your site will suffer. You’ll ultimately be vulnerable to threats that could cost you thousands in fines, expose customer data, and incur unforeseeable site downtime.

  • Protection against DDoS
  • Data security
  • High availability and support
cloud security management

Since cloud infrastructures are scalable and can help your business shrink or expand as needed, you need flexible yet comprehensive security for whatever shape your architecture takes, whether it’s public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions. Ovatek Web Solutions has the security professionals to eliminate downtime due to DNS outages, DDoS attacks, and other security threats. Keep one step ahead of threats and protect your infrastructure with us to eliminate your chances for disaster and just enjoy the benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Stitching together your cloud security strategy isn’t going to work when it comes to internet security risks. You need comprehensive, fluid knowledge about what threats you’re most at risk for, how to handle them, and what you can do now to stop attacks.


DDoS Stopped


Malware Prevented


Revenues Protected

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Ovatek’s security team has experience in stopping attacks both large and small. We can help with anything from DDoS attacks that keep people from accessing your site to IT compliance. Our knowledge and tools are your gateway to attaining total security for your cloud infrastructure. Our industry-leading technology monitors all incoming traffic to prevent malicious visitors, utilizes two-factor authentication, and even bot access control. We work 24/7 to assess your vulnerability, keep watch over your site, put preventative measures in place, and respond quickly in the event that a breach does happen.

  • Data breach prevention
  • Stay safe from system vulnerabilities
  • Meet regulatory compliance
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From identifying holes in your cloud security to helping you understand your risks and costs, we prioritize what steps need to happen to safeguard your infrastructure now and work to make it happen.

Cloud computing presents unique challenges when it comes to things like privacy of your data, being resilient to attacks, and maintaining IT compliancy.

Remove Barriers to Comprehensive Security

However, moving to the cloud also allows your IT infrastructure to be much more flexible, making it easier to manage costs and keep your core business as your focus. So removing barriers to comprehensive cloud security is a must when you make the switch from a physical server to a cloud-based one.

Our security specialists are leaders in their industry and keep your cloud infrastructure secure to ensure network protection at all times. From filtering incoming traffic to lessening the impact of DDoS attacks immediately, we work to ensure optimum performance even when your site is under threat. From public to private cloud sectors, we understand the consequences of not having the right cloud security measures in place. Our team works to remove the barriers that are preventing you from remaining secure and functional in the cloud.

Whether your company has recently migrated to the cloud or if you’ve been operating on a cloud infrastructure for some time, isn’t it time you made sure your cloud security is up to par? With the web full of security threats, now is no time to guess at how effective your security will be when an attack is initiated. Contact us today to discover more about how our cloud security services can fully protect your infrastructure!

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