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YOUR website is important to you. You’ve invested time and money into making it look just the way you want. Your product or service is one of the best on the market. You know you can make a difference in the lives of your customers. So why isn’t your site seeing the traffic you expected?

If your search engine rankings are poor and you don’t know why, a SEO audit can help. Ovatek Web Solutions specializes in helping companies maximize their online presence. Our SEO audit analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, uncovers factors affecting your rankings, and provides you with a detailed report and recommendations that we can help you implement.

At the end of our assessment, you’ll receive our report and we’ll discuss it with you, make recommendations, and work with you to implement these changes if you like. Ovatek’s SEO audit can change the way your site tackles SEO. What are you waiting for? Start getting to the top of search results today!

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Our SEO Audit Process


Web crawlers are internet bots that browse the web indexing content. If these bots aren’t able to understand your content, you become virtually unindexed on the web—not a good thing when you want to be visible to customers!

Ovatek uses sophisticated web crawlers to identify problems and get valuable insight into your site. Crawlers are also a fundamental tool for continuing to recognize issues and maintain the health and performance of your website.


We collect a diverse and specific range of information on how your SEO is performing in order to identify issues. This allows our team to clearly communicate the problems we find so you’re able to resolve them as efficiently as possible.

By detailing problems in addition to the severity of each issue and a priority level for how important it is that you fix it, our collected data empowers your company to move forward confidently.


Ovatek analyzes how your site performs in order to isolate what’s preventing you from reaching your targeted traffic. Our deep research enables us to wholly understand your site’s performance and work to make it better.

We also analyze your competitors’ sites to understand their keywords, what’s working for them, or why they may be outranking you. We keep an eye on your competition to know what you’re up against and ensure you come out on top.


Once we conduct your SEO audit, we compose a custom report to present you with our comprehensive findings. Your custom SEO audit report from Ovatek details exactly what needs to be done to help improve your rankings.

We isolate specific problems to include in our audit and recommend both short- and long-term solutions. Our recommended specific solutions even come with instructions. Our process is designed to be a solid first step in bettering your website.

Businesses Benefit From SEO Auditing

We look for all of this and much more when conducting your SEO audit. We determine specifically what type of impact these factors are having on your search engine rankings. Ultimately, these elements will impact the customers on your site. This is why it’s so important to do SEO right! Our audit shows specific areas for improvement so that together, we can tackle these factors and refine your strategy to make your site that much more seen on the web.

  • Gives you a foundation for a Plan of Action
  • Helps you to avoid Google Penalties
  • Keeps you up to date of SEO industry changes
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Many online businesses benefit from SEO auditing. This especially includes people who aren’t reaching their targeted rankings despite having employed SEO, as well as people who have recently launched a website and want to know how they can help their site’s rankings from the get-go.

Anyone who’s having trouble reaching their desired rankings and needs some professional advice on how and what they can improve will benefit from a SEO audit. Often, SEO auditing is the foundation for creating an effective online marketing strategy.


Traffic Increase


Rankings Increase


ROI Results

Make The Most Of Your Website

Many people aren’t sure why they’re not ranking in the search engines and can’t confirm the reasons they suspect. Ovatek’s web pros have the tools to investigate all possible ways SEO is working both for you and against you. Every last detail is examined to determine where your strategy needs to be improved.

  • Will help to improve user experience
  • Can increase site visitor leads
  • Know that your site can be crawled and indexed
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Even if your site is well-designed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is going to find you in the search engines. Your site may have a lot to offer and huge potential to draw in new customers, but if your SEO is failing, people may not find you. Our SEO audit can help.

Making the most of your SEO often begins with an audit. Since there are many factors that are difficult to identify yourself, seeking the help of professional webmasters can be hugely beneficial and more affordable than you think.

Building An Online Presence

Ovatek’s pros are trained in spotting any elements that could be impacting your rankings. We’re experienced in building online presence, so let us help you make the most of your SEO with a SEO audit.There are both on and off-page factors that can affect your rankings, from poor content to slow-loading times. Optimizing server files can also greatly help search engines locate your site and properly catalogue your content, which can improve your rankings.

  • Will ensure your sites content is unique
  • Can protect the reputation of your brand
  • Critical to improve increase conversions
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Since content is often a problem for many sites—whether not having enough or having duplicate content—we can make recommendations for how to expand your content and fix these errors to have a positive impact on your rankings and ultimately your customers with our SEO audit.

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