Discover what your competitors are doing and having success with. See where your competitors are gaining links from, are their websites loading fast, how are they performing from a ranking perspective? Having this insight will allow you to outperform them.

Having an SEO audit allows you to identify your optimization activities that do not perform well. Do you include relevant meta descriptions or keywords, social sharing buttons, or targeted keywords? Do you have duplicate content, slow site speed, or bad links.

What will it take to compete in your targeted market and understand what your real online market opportunity is. Understand whether the design and structure of your new website will truly allow you to compete at the level you want.  Understand your online reputation.

Part of an SEO audit will include recommendations on how to deal with code level issues. If there are site navigation issues we will lay out a plan on how to deal with those.  Advice on steps to take to develop an authoritative link profile.

Search Optimization

Without an effective search optimization
strategy you can’t compete on the web.


It’s critical that you have insight into
what the real results are from efforts.

User Experience

User experience is critical to the goal of
converting and retaining site visitors.

Web Security

Gain competitive advantage by having a
rock solid web security solution in place.

Meeting all your web optimization needs

From web strategy to web creative to online marketing software, Ovatek Web Solutions offers every type of web service that’s needed in order to achieve online market domination.

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Advanced SEO Services
Start exceeding ROI targets with our high impact SEO strategies
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Content Marketing
Drive inbound lead with effective content marketing services
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Free Technical Audit
We offer free technical web audits giving performance insight
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Conversion Optimization
Stop losing out on revenue with poor conversion optimization rates
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Web Security Solutions
Do not make the performance impacting mistake of overlooking security
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Digital Marketing
Google AdWords, BING Ads and all other forms of digital marketing

It's time to start winning on the web!

We don’t simply launch your project and end it there. We believe in making sure that businesses online strategies thrive and generate excellent ROI.

Experience market domination today!

We leverage our deep insight into a broad range of web services to help bring our clients’ web properties to significant levels of success. We turn your web presence in to your business’s most high-impact revenue engine.