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Have you employed search engine optimization (SEO) but haven’t seen the results you were expecting? We help you learn about organic search marketing to increase your revenue. Our SEO consultants help businesses just like yours attain everything they need to map out and execute the right SEO strategy.

Whether you have an in-house team you’d like us to work with or want us to act as an SEO consultant your marketing team, Ovatek Web Solutions can help. Our services have been invaluable for businesses of all industries and sizes. Whether you need an SEO consultant to fix a specific problem or to create a long-term success strategy, we’re there for you.

We’re meticulously consistent about our maintenance of your site. Monitoring the performance of your site is essential to understanding your progress towards your goals. Our custom reporting helps us continue to optimize your strategy.

Ovatek is committed to ensuring you’re satisfied with the work we’ve done, the work we continue to do, and our future plan for your success. We honestly measure your outcomes and compare them to your goals in order to continue your progress.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

What an SEO Consultant Will Do


SEO consulting begins with relevant, in-depth keyword research for your site. We then develop a custom, specific strategy designed to help your business rank for these keywords, which includes maintaining fresh content on your site.

Specifying your business’ keywords and ranking for them is paramount to ensuring your customers find you. Ovatek specializes in localized keywords that help you rank for your service and location, maximizing your efforts to get found!


After discovering keywords, our team plans your unique strategy. Often, core issues with website architecture and technical aspects of SEO are at the forefront of our plan to get your website fully on track.

Our planning process considers all aspects that are impacting your ability to get found on the web. These issues include site navigation, unclear copy, or indexing issues, all of which can prevent your site from getting ranked in the search engines.


Once the plan has been reviewed and approved by you, we get to work! We generate unique, relevant content to include your specific keywords. We’re consistent about your site’s content to keep your business fresh and engaging to visitors.

Through keyword-savvy content, we boost your search rankings while improving your user experience. Whether it’s webpages or blog posts, we implement your SEO strategy to begin crafting the necessary foundation for your business’ success.


Consistently measuring performance allows us to thoroughly evaluate your website. As part of our process, our team continues to monitor your site’s performance, evaluate outcomes, and constantly work to improve.

Transparency is important to us. You should know exactly what you’re getting out of your investment. That’s why we’re clear about the progress that’s been achieved as well as areas that continue to need improvement. Custom reports are a fundamental part of your SEO consulting with Ovatek.

Achieve Goals with Organic Search Success

We talk with you about each of your methods and how you can improve your process. SEO consulting services use tools to give your website a competitive advantage when it comes to things such as keyword research, why your rankings aren’t where they should be, analyzing your competition’s strategy, and conversion optimization. Our experience allows you to outpace your competitors and climb to the top in the search engines.

  • Enable better user experience
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve your brands credibility
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No two companies are the same, and our approach to your site and its SEO will be custom to you. We fit your needs and your budget, all while doing away with wasted resources and effectively training you how to best implement SEO.

Our SEO consulting services enable you to develop a strategy with solutions to your toughest challenges. What you’d like to achieve will determine the scope of our work. Let us help you get there with organic search success!


Traffic Increase


Rankings Increase


ROI Results

Dig Deeper into Your Strategy

Our SEO consulting services can help you interpret a SEO audit that can be tailored specifically to what you want to evaluate. We make recommendations based on what we find to dig deeper into your existing strategy to revise it as needed. Although keywords are an integral part of SEO, they aren’t its entirety. We analyze your user experience, look at your social media marketing, evaluate your content, and more as part of our SEO consulting.

  • Work with an experienced consulant
  • SEO the right way can make all the difference
  • Can help you reach your goals
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If you’re not sure what your strategy should consist of and feel as though you’re guessing, SEO consulting is for you. We cultivate a deep expertise and a long history of helping people build their organic SEO success with our services.

Whether you have questions about link building or the effectiveness of your content, we make you an authority in the industry and make your optimization process easier with our SEO capabilities.

Do you need help implementing a strategy that takes your search marketing efforts to the next level? You can trust the professionals at Ovatek to dig deep with our SEO consulting services to ensure success across the board.

We’re Your Partner in Success

Ovatek takes the necessary time to understand the history of your SEO efforts as well as your current SEO efforts to better navigate your future success. Our SEO consulting services identify your unique needs, work with either you or your in-house team, and dedicate our efforts to your project through organic SEO, link building, content, and social media marketing. These are all part of a successful SEO strategy that we can help you create.

  • Gain valuable market-share
  • You will be able to focus on your expertise
  • Keyword research and analysis
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We dig you out of the search engines and get you seen by customers that are most likely to convert. The right SEO methods take time to work but will provide you with concrete results for your ROI. Together, we construct a knowledgebase for your business’ SEO that will help you long into the future.

SEO consulting services are more than just education and training tools. They help you produce a strategy that unveils many methods of opportunity to secure your success. Ovatek is your partner to help you get there.

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