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The most effective SEO services build relevancy, earn trust and create significantly increased visibility in the search engines. We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

As a customer you will get clear insight into your actual return on investment (ROI). We have many years of experience in creating highly effective online strategies for businesses of all sizes. We do not use automated methods or cookie-cutter processes. You will get a custom strategy for your business based on your unique needs and goals.

Analytics and data drive all that we do when creating successful optimization solutions that grow your bottom line. We believe that relationships are key in delivering best experiences for customers. There is a reason why our client retention rate is so high and that reason is we bring real results.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

The SEO Process

Good data leads to great outcomes, so for an SEO strategy to be successful we need to gather the insight in order for us to craft a high impact strategy. What are your goals and desired outcome? What specific benchmarks are you trying to reach....more visitors, ROI, etc..?

We need to understand who your key targeted audience is? Who are your primary competitors — what are some of the successful elements to their SEO campaign?

SEO comprises many factors; there’s no one strategy or one pattern of action that can lead you to success. Instead, you’ll need to spend time planning and strategizing your campaign (the subject of this part of the series), and executing your strategy across four main areas:

On-site Optimization, Ongoing Content Marketing, Links & Off-site Optimization, Analysis and Measurement. These are the primary elements in developing an effective SEO strategy.

On-site optimization is about content, structure, and layout of your site. Google and other search engines crawl your site to understand what it's about, so the information it finds on your site can have a big impact in how it ranks pages for relevant search queries.

Off-site optimization is that the more inbound links you have pointing to your site from high-authority sources, the better your perceived authority, and the higher your website will rank.

We know that even the best strategies can go wrong if there’s no plan in place for measuring the performance. As a critical part of an SEO strategy is determining how success will be measured and establishing a process for reporting and communication with the client contact.

You can only improve what you can measure, which means setting KPIs that actually reflect your success and tie back to your business goals is vital for the long-term.

High-Impact Search Optimization

A Multi-Dimensional approach is customized for your business. Structured and coordinated down to the website copywriting and keywords, our SEO company will drive yours to the next level.

We understand that your business does not have the same goals, budget, and services as the next business is our starting point. We never use cheap, cookie-cutter approaches that simply won’t work. We dig deeper to understand you and work hard to make your goals a reality.

  • Advanced keyword and market research
  • Analytics, rankings & roi reporting
  • Information architecture optimization
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Our services will uncover where your business is now and where you envision it being. Through optimizing your site, creating content, and proven SEO reporting, we ensure you’re never far from your targeted goal.

"Don’t compromise using an SEO company that can’t match the individualized attention and research that we put into campaigns. We leave no stone unturned when designing the strategy that will have the most impact for your business"


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ROI Results

Advanced SEO Services Delivering Results

Our focus isn’t just on generating leads. We understand that your investment into getting leads with your SEO services is worthless if your conversion rate remains the same. We’re after lead conversion, not just lead generation.

We work closely with you to grow business through your customized SEO services, which are focused on increasing your search engine visibility with contemporary methods. We are totally transparent about what we do, so you’ll never be in the dark about what’s happening.

  • Sophisticated on-page optimization
  • Quality white hat link building
  • Detailed transparent reporting
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Leveraging advanced insight into search engine algorithms, we fix an unwavering focus onto how to gain your business better visibility through ethical SEO, thus generating more traffic, customers, and revenue. We even examine your site architecture to uncover potential issues that could affect the efficacy of your SEO services.

"Through our highly detailed approach, we help you create and establish trust among customers. Responsiveness, honesty, and professionalism are inherently part of our company."

Strengthen Your Web Presence

The in-house team at Ovatek is committed to teamwork through ongoing communication and collaboration with you. We envision client relationships in the long-term, so we work hard to establish your trust, being transparent and accountable the entire way.

  • Internal link optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Competitor intelligence reporting
best seo services company

We work to keep you fully informed throughout your SEO campaign. Companies who explain their SEO services in complex and confusing terms aren’t being transparent about their methodology. We want you to be just as knowledgeable as we are so that we can work together to create your custom SEO strategy.

It takes time and consistent efforts to reach the top of the search engines. We’re committed to taking the time to get to know you and help your business with our experience, resources, and intellect. Through your customized plan, we’ll work together to generate concrete results that mark the beginning to your lasting business success.

Our Clients Experience Significant ROI

With our customized, detailed approach, we leave no room for error. Our personalized SEO techniques are cutting-edge, specific, and proven. Envision the customers you’ve worked so hard to reach finding you—all because you worked for ethical search engine visibility with a company that has your back. Contact us to find out more about what we offer for your SEO success today!

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