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Web Server Hardening Services

Your website is constantly under attack whether you realize it or not. Since your website can be seen by anyone on the internet, it’s vulnerable to attacks across the board. Even if you have a security plan in place, firewalls can’t stop everything. Server hardening can help locate and repair weaknesses in your server to better prepare you for a strong defense against an attack.

At Ovatek Web Solutions, we help you uncover both common and uncommon problems and fix them. Our web analysis details specific issues which we then work to address with our advanced security tools and team.

Ovatek Web Solutions works to create tactics that compose a multi-layered approach to security. You can rely on our services to reinforce your server and stop attacks before they happen.

Has your site undergone server hardening yet? Let’s discover how it can help.

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Server Hardening Process


Was your system designed with security as its central focus? Unless security is your core business, the answer is probably no. Server hardening from Ovatek augments security for your servers beginning with our audit process.

Our professional security team creates a checklist of security best practices to review during your server hardening audit. When servers are constantly attacked on the web, your best defense against a breach is to harden your server to protect your organization.

Security Updates & Patches

Part of our server hardening process is identifying vulnerabilities in your software and patching them to reduce risk. It can feel impossible for your company to account for all the flaws in your system’s software—that’s where our professional team comes in to help.

We also conduct security updates immediately after they’re available in order to further mitigate your risk. Keeping your systems updated can help resolve unforeseen issues and work to innately harden your server.


Authorized users should be the only ones gaining access to your website—unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Businesses of all industries and sizes are being targeted for attacks, and websites that lack updated security and have weak passwords are easy targets.

Ovatek’s server hardening enhances your existing authentication features by employing security best practices. This includes creating strong passwords that attackers will be unlikely to guess. Our team strengthens your authentication components to securely keep attackers out.


Chances are there are data on your system that don’t need to be there. This not only slows down your backups and restoration process, but can even create vulnerabilities for your business

Ovatek ensures your system is not only running optimally, but is secure via our server hardening process. We minimize the amount of necessary information that needs to be stored on your system to optimize your server hardening and keep your company’s data secure.

Prevent Security Breaches

Customers are impacted by this security breach, especially if their information is stolen. They’ll be less likely to trust you if they feel their personal information is at risk in the future. Server hardening can help lessen the probability of an attack and secure your customers’ trust.

  • Install and configure a Web Application Firewall
  • Update server-based applications
  • Install and configure system integrity monitor
apache web server hardening

Securing your website not only helps increase your ROI, but also makes the most of the money you put in to maintain and protect your website.

Just fixing your site when something goes wrong isn’t ideal, and could lead to more damage than you can afford to fix.

Server hardening blocks access in unused areas and disables services that you don’t need. This helps limit the ways in which hackers can attempt to access your site.


DDoS Stopped


Malware Prevented


Revenues Protected

Evolving Threats Require Evolved Security

Hackers are always evolving and your security needs are changing all the time. We perform routine security audits and continuously scan for vulnerabilities in your server, enabling you to lessen threats as they hit your website with server hardening.

  • Harden Apache and PHP
  • OS hardening and patching
  • Kernel hardening
centos web server hardening

We enhance your server security through proven techniques that enable your server to operate securely and efficiently, allowing your organization to be more resistant to security breaches both now and in the future.

Server hardening is an absolute must in a world where just about everything is online. This extra security step can protect your site from the thousands of attacks many servers see every hour.

Create a Server Hardening Checklist

Protecting your server brings your security up a notch with methods that’ll help you make a fortress out of your website.

Our checklist is customized for your business. No matter which operating system you’re working on, server hardening is a must. We take your server’s security to the next level to stop unauthorized access.

The environment that your server functions in is unique. Ovatek works with you to develop a plan that makes the most sense for your needs, yet is stable and secure. Our proactive services continue to uphold your security measures. When all your crucial systems are fortified against exposure to hackers and malicious attacks, you can rest easy and perform your business as usual.

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