Server Hardening Services

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Your website is constantly under attack whether you realize it or not. Since your website can be seen by anyone on the internet, it’s vulnerable to attacks across the board. Even if you have a security plan in place, firewalls can’t stop everything. Server hardening can help locate and repair weaknesses in your server to better prepare you for a strong defense against an attack.

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At Ovatek Web Solutions, we help you uncover both common and uncommon problems and fix them. Our web analysis details specific issues which we then work to address with our advanced security tools and team. Has your site undergone server hardening yet? Let’s discover how it can help.

Our Server Hardening Process

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Critical Immediate Response

As a website owner you know very well that every hour or even minute your site is down can cost you a significant amount of money and harm to your reputation. Whether directly from lost sales, to lost advertising dollars, to dealing with angry phone calls.

When your business is on the line (or rather offline), waiting around for a vendor to respond is simply not an option. We know the critical nature of a hacked site and we respond immediately.

server hardening process

Rapid Damage Assessment

Although malware and website hacks ultimately have a limited number of variations, certain ones are known for doing greater damage to your website and to your business than others. If you have been hacked more than once this increases the risk or greater damage.

The key is to determine the proper balance, so that you no longer have to continually worry about security. Isn't it time to start worrying about what really matters most - your business.

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Resolving The Issues

Something that you can surely count on is that if your website is not totally cleaned on the first go through, you can expect there to remain hacker backdoors or malware left on the site. Most certainly the damage will return and likely with increased damage.

For a business to have to deal with this one time is bad enough. Having to go through all of this over again is a nightmare

server hardening process

Securing The Site

Once we are done cleaning up the site, we then need to securely shutdown and lock all the doors. If you do not implement adequate security after a clean up, the very same hackers who took down your site to begin with will just be back to hack you again. And then you would have to repeat this whole painstaking process.

That’s why, unlike other security organizations, we make it a point to include basic security lockdowns in every hack repair that we do.

server hardening process

Keeping You Protected

The final step in our process is keeping the site clean for the initial thirty days after resolution. Since the most likely time for a repeat breach by the same hacker is in the month following the first hack, we make it a point to monitor the site for 30 days after a breach.

If the hack comes back, we take care of the problem again and adjust the security at no extra charge to you. If the attacker is particularly good at breaching your site, then we can recommend additional or next steps.

server hardening process

benefits of server hardening

Hacked websites take time, attention, and money to fix. Your customers may not be able to access your site while it’s being hacked or while it’s being repaired.

maintenanceicon website management

  • Update the operating system
  • Remove unnecessary operating system components
  • Harden the operating system and system compilers
  • Secure the server networking layer
  • Open Communication
  • Harden Apache and PHP.
  • Faster Communication
  • Mini audit of the server to see if there is anything clearly wrong in terms of malware or hacks

protection website management Icon

  • Install and configure logwatch
  • Install and configure a web application firewall
  • secure the DNS service
  • Update server-based applications
  • Install Linux Environment Security and Linux Socket Monitor
  • install and configure System Integrity Monitor
  • Harden the operating system and system compilers
  • Install and configure Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) and Brute Force Detection (BFD)

Prevent Security Breaches

Customers are impacted by this security breach, especially if their information is stolen. They’ll be less likely to trust you if they feel their personal information is at risk in the future. Server hardening can help lessen the probability of an attack and secure your customers’ trust. Securing your website not only helps increase your ROI, but also makes the most of the money you put in to maintain and protect your website.

Just fixing your site when something goes wrong isn’t ideal, and could lead to more damage than you can afford to fix. Server hardening blocks access in unused areas and disables services that you don’t need. This helps limit the ways in which hackers can attempt to access your site.

Ovatek Web Solutions works to create tactics that compose a multi-layered approach to security. You can rely on our services to reinforce your server and stop attacks before they happen.


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  • -53.21% bounce rate
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Create a Server Hardening Checklist

Hackers are always evolving and your security needs are changing all the time. We perform routine security audits and continuously scan for vulnerabilities in your server, enabling you to lessen threats as they hit your website with server hardening.

We enhance your server security through proven techniques that enable your server to operate securely and efficiently, allowing your organization to be more resistant to security breaches both now and in the future.

Server hardening is an absolute must in a world where just about everything is online. This extra security step can protect your site from the thousands of attacks many servers see every hour.

Create a Server Hardening Checklist

Protecting your server brings your security up a notch with methods that’ll help you make a fortress out of your website. Just some of the steps we take during our server hardening process include:

Our checklist is customized for your business. No matter which operating system you’re working on, server hardening is a must. We take your server’s security to the next level to stop unauthorized access.

The environment that your server functions in is unique. Ovatek works with you to develop a plan that makes the most sense for your needs, yet is stable and secure. Our proactive services continue to uphold your security measures. When all your crucial systems are fortified against exposure to hackers and malicious attacks, you can rest easy and perform your business as usual.