The prevention of security breaches is the most optimal method of data security. When a businesses servers are protected from vulnerabilities and attack-proof, your business is protected from harm.


Server hardening adds Brand value to any business by protecting their clients private information. Ovatek Web Solutions server hardening services are reliable when it comes to the prevention of data breaches or server downtime.

New vulnerabilities are found each and every day. Hackers are always in the process of creating new attack tactics. We believe in implementing multi-layered server security including firewalls and services hardening.


By performing periodic security audits and systematically scan for any vulnerabilities in the server you are able to mitigate new threats as they hit the web landscape. Anti-malware and rootkit detection is critical in making sure the server at all times is not infected.

Top Web Security Threats

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Security 50%
Malware 40%
Ransomware 30%

Our Services

For every single hour that your website is down you lose money. This happens from lost sales opportunities, wasted internet marketing dollars and damage to business reputation. What is the point of fixing malware or other type of hacking issue if you do not implement preventive security?

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Stage 1 Items

  • Quick security audit
  • Compiler/fetch utility access limited root only
  • Prevention of directory traversal

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Stage 2 Items

  • Host.conf & sysctl security hardening
  • Noexec, Nosuid temporary directories
  • RkHunter installation

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Stage 3 Items

  • nstallation of Firewall
  • Configuration of Firewall rules
  • Kernel updates

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Stage 4 Items

  • Hardening of SSH service
  • TCP/IP hardening
  • Hardening of PHP

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Stage 4 Items

  • We monitor your system integrity
  • Package audit of your RPM system
  • Common services locked down as needed

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Stage 5 Items

  • We can install mod_dosevasive.
  • Install and configure Atomic Secured Linux
  • Perform any final checks

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Stage 6 Items

  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) system
  • We update Operating System
  • We update control panel software

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Stage 7 Items

  • We disable any and all unused services
  • Install and configure mod_security
  • optimize performance of your server

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