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IN today’s digital world, it’s absolutely essential that your online business has a strong social media presence. Through social media marketing, you can define your target audience, follow up with leads, and grow conversions. Statistics show people are much more likely to purchase from a brand that they engage with on social media.

Ovatek Web Solutions knows better than most how much and how frequently the online world changes. It can feel difficult to keep up with all your social media platforms on a daily basis. That’s where we come in.

We determine what your needs are, help you craft the right content, and establish your brand messaging. We track engagement, conversions, and results to provide you with a social media marketing strategy that’s based on concrete data.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Social Media Marketing Process


Ovatek strives to unify your business goals with the right social media strategy to support success. Your company and its audience and needs are unique, so we research to discover who your audience is and what you’re trying to achieve.

Our research phase also includes understanding what your customers want from your business. All this information empowers us to craft your custom social media marketing strategy to align with your business objectives and strengthen your web presence.


We define a clear path to your goals through social media engagement. Goals often aren’t exclusive, so we create a central strategy for your social media marketing that integrates your other web marketing needs as well.

Our definition phase allows us to bring your strategy into focus. This includes creating benchmarks to measure how your website will be affected and to track conversions. Understanding the impact of your efforts helps maximize social media marketing success.


It’s time to make an impact! We implement your social media marketing strategy to effectively reach your audience and grow your business. Ovatek keeps your social media marketing efforts organized and focused to continue effectively executing your plan.

Adaptation and growth are always part of our work at Ovatek. Your strategy will evolve just as your business evolves, and in this way, we keep your social media efforts fluid and relevant for your target audience.


Ovatek understands the challenges that come with trying to track the efforts of your social media marketing. We craft measuring points based on your unique company and the needs of your audience.

Social media marketing is an ongoing process that requires staying informed of changes to remain on track towards your goals. By tracking your progress, we’re able to adjust your strategy, cut wasted efforts, and truly focus on what’s working to benefit your business.

Building Unique Social Strategies

Ovatek cuts no corners when it comes to developing a customized social media marketing strategy to pave the way for your success. We dive into your business’ messaging and personality to construct exactly what you need to create a strong social media presence and encourage engagement from your customers. We perform an audit of your existing social media presence and performance.

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improve your advertising effectiveness
  • Faster communication
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We research your target audience to better grow your fan base. Your customers may tend to favor one social media platform over another. We capitalize on what’s working and tweak what isn’t. After our audit and discovery process, we discuss improvements with you and work to implement change. Constructing the perfect social media marketing campaign requires adaptation, advertising, deep customer insight, keyword research, content, and more. We help you realize your exclusive strategy to generate results.

Although your goals for your social media presence will vary, there’s one that’s intractably part of the foundation—connecting with customers. Social media is a genuine way for you to interact with customers in a way you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.


User Targeting


Campaign Performance


Content Reach

Create Effective Customer Connections

Learn what they’re looking for. Answer questions. Respond to comments. Address concerns. In this way, social media marketing becomes an integral part of your reputation management. Extending your brand to social media enables you to connect with customers on a personal level. You can cultivate relationships, inspire emotion, and generate lasting authenticity by telling your story.

  • Better relationship with customers
  • Targeted advertising
  • Cut marketing costs
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Connecting your target audience to your company is what we work to achieve through social media marketing. We do this through a variety of channels, including creative content, images, videos, and more. Although your website represents your business to customers, it’s invaluable to have another way to truly engage with visitors outside of your site. This helps to establish brand trust and build relationships that lead to conversions.

Ovatek Web Solutions aligns your marketing techniques to be consistent and effective. Our experience and insight allows you to maximize your social media marketing efforts and create a unified message that resonates with customers.

Keep Up with Changes and Grow Revenue

It’s possible to increase conversions and consistently engage with your audience without the headache of keeping up with all your social media efforts. Ovatek makes it possible for you to focus your energy on your business while we handle your social media marketing. Our social media experts monitor your social activity and continuously adapt your strategy as your audience and your company evolves. We provide reports to make insight a natural part of your campaign to drive your business to make smart decisions with a positive impact.

We’ve helped brands both big and small increase their social media presence and drive conversions. When used properly, social media is a tool that can be leveraged to build brand awareness and grow revenue. It’s essential that your company develop the right social media marketing strategy to succeed in the online world. We help you monitor your activity, stay engaged, and keep up with changes.

Ovatek Web Solutions is your partner in the world of social media. We identify trends, leverage your power of influence, develop content for your channels, and manage everything from comments to images for your posts.

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