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No matter how big or small your website is, it’s a target for hackers. Your site is visible to the public, exposing it to thousands of threats daily. More than ever, small and medium-sized businesses are targeted in attacks. One cyber security breach can cost your business thousands of dollars and sometimes, the damage is irreparable.

At Ovatek Web Solutions, our security team is current on all the techniques hackers will try to use to gain access to your site. Our website security solutions support your website seamlessly, effectively, and proactively. We protect your proprietary information by incorporating cutting-edge technology and combining functionality and ease of use with top-notch security solutions.

Ovatek’s custom security solutions block communication with any existing backdoor shells. We’re able to detect backdoors on your site and remove them. We even intercept malicious requests and block communication. Ovatek’s backdoor shell protection is seamlessly integrated with your WAF, which allows us to disable a backdoor without affecting your system.

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for 3 years. I have been am amazed at the results I have seen. As a small business owner..."

Chad Durbin,Owner - Total Flooring, LLC client

Website Security Components

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Having a WAF is going to be your first line of defense against attacks from the web, specifically for HTTP applications. Without a WAF, common attacks such as SQL injections can easily affect your web security.

A customized WAF protects your server and a defined group of web applications. Whether it’s a server plugin or a filter, Ovatek customizes your WAF to ensure a solid defense against attacks. We continue to maintain your WAF for enhanced security.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Recognizing when a security breach has been attempted on your site is important—without noticing these attempts, hackers will continue to test your security until entry is gained. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can help.

While an IDS continuously monitors and notifies in the event of an attempted breach, an IPS will work to stop the attack. Ovatek implements the right system for you based on your company’s security needs.

Network Monitoring

Ovatek constantly monitors your network to prevent costly security breaches. Unless you have dedicated personnel who can watch over your network day after day, our team helps take a huge load off your shoulders by doing this task for you.

Our network monitoring process involves censoring access to your systems, repairing deteriorating components, and conducting updates to ensure your server’s performance is optimal. Monitoring your network can guarantee your business always up and running.

The Modern Landscape of Online Threats

Web servers are one of the most vulnerable website security risks. Since one web server may have hundreds of settings, there may be coding and infrastructure issues that make your site vulnerable.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Customers we be safer on your site
  • Block out Hackers and Bots
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In fact, most organizations find out from an outside party that their data has been effectively compromised. It could even take months to find out if you’ve actually been hacked. The modern landscape of online threats is an ever-evolving place.

YYou need continuous monitoring and adept website security with scalable and affordable solutions to fully protect your systems. Fortunately, Ovatek Web Solutions can help.


DDoS Stopped


Malware Prevented


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What We Offer for Your Website Security

EWe can supplement your existing security team or function as your security professionals to protect your web applications and network infrastructure. Our fully managed solutions don’t translate to huge expenses for you—we’re affordable, professional, and provide layers of effective security for your IT infrastructure.

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Supplement your existing security team
  • Secure payments for safe shopping
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Our website security services are here to defend you in the modern landscape of online security threats.

At Ovatek Web Solutions, we offer a full variety of website security solutions to provide comprehensive security for your site.

Outsourced Website Security Team

Web Application Firewall (WAF). This managed service is your first line of defense, helping you identify and combat the top 10 website security threats including SQL injection, remote file inclusion, cross-site scripting, and more. This service helps you filter out malicious traffic while keeping legitimate traffic flowing.

We’re able to completely customize your WAF to employ specific security measures based on what you need, all without affecting your genuine web visitors. Your website is unique, so your website security solutions will be too. We take the stress off your shoulders and completely manage your WAF to stop attacks.

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