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No matter how big or small your website is, it’s a target for hackers. Your site is visible to the public, exposing it to thousands of threats daily. More than ever, small and medium-sized businesses are targeted in attacks. One cyber security breach can cost your business thousands of dollars and sometimes, the damage is irreparable.

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At Ovatek Web Solutions, our security team is current on all the techniques hackers will try to use to gain access to your site. Our website security solutions support your website seamlessly, effectively, and proactively. We protect your proprietary information by incorporating cutting-edge technology and combining functionality and ease of use with top-notch security solutions.

Our Website Security Process

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Critical Immediate Response

As a website owner you know very well that every hour or even minute your site is down can cost you a significant amount of money and harm to your reputation. Whether directly from lost sales, to lost advertising dollars, to dealing with angry phone calls.

When your business is on the line (or rather offline), waiting around for a vendor to respond is simply not an option. We know the critical nature of a hacked site and we respond immediately.

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Rapid Damage Assessment

Although malware and website hacks ultimately have a limited number of variations, certain ones are known for doing greater damage to your website and to your business than others. If you have been hacked more than once this increases the risk or greater damage.

The key is to determine the proper balance, so that you no longer have to continually worry about security. Isn't it time to start worrying about what really matters most - your business.

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Resolving The Issues

Something that you can surely count on is that if your website is not totally cleaned on the first go through, you can expect there to remain hacker backdoors or malware left on the site. Most certainly the damage will return and likely with increased damage.

For a business to have to deal with this one time is bad enough. Having to go through all of this over again is a nightmare

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Securing The Site

Once we are done cleaning up the site, we then need to securely shutdown and lock all the doors. If you do not implement adequate security after a clean up, the very same hackers who took down your site to begin with will just be back to hack you again. And then you would have to repeat this whole painstaking process.

That’s why, unlike other security organizations, we make it a point to include basic security lockdowns in every hack repair that we do.

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Keeping You Protected

The final step in our process is keeping the site clean for the initial thirty days after resolution. Since the most likely time for a repeat breach by the same hacker is in the month following the first hack, we make it a point to monitor the site for 30 days after a breach.

If the hack comes back, we take care of the problem again and adjust the security at no extra charge to you. If the attacker is particularly good at breaching your site, then we can recommend additional or next steps.

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benefits of website security

If you’re like the majority of online businesses, you’re not protecting your system enough.

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  • Increase visitor loyalty to your site
  • Kick out the Hackers
  • Boost Ranking & Increase Brand Value
  • Secure Payments to Experience Safe Shopping
  • Build Trust with Extended Authentication
  • Enterprise-wide protection
  • Faster Communication
  • Protect Your Business

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  • Make more sales
  • Strongest Encryption to Secure Information
  • Save Money and time
  • Targeted customer growth
  • Security
  • Protect Personal Info
  • Protects Productivity
  • Prevents Adware

The Modern Landscape of Online Threats

Web servers are one of the most vulnerable website security risks. Since one web server may have hundreds of settings, there may be coding and infrastructure issues that make your site vulnerable.

In fact, most organizations find out from an outside party that their data has been effectively compromised. It could even take months to find out if you’ve actually been hacked. The modern landscape of online threats is an ever-evolving place.

You need continuous monitoring and adept website security with scalable and affordable solutions to fully protect your systems. Fortunately, Ovatek Web Solutions can help.


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What We Offer for Your Website Security

We can supplement your existing security team or function as your security professionals to protect your web applications and network infrastructure. Our fully managed solutions don’t translate to huge expenses for you—we’re affordable, professional, and provide layers of effective security for your IT infrastructure.

Our website security services are here to defend you in the modern landscape of online security threats.

At Ovatek Web Solutions, we offer a full variety of website security solutions to provide comprehensive security for your site.

Website Security Team

Web Application Firewall (WAF). This managed service is your first line of defense, helping you identify and combat the top 10 website security threats including SQL injection, remote file inclusion, cross-site scripting, and more. This service helps you filter out malicious traffic while keeping legitimate traffic flowing.

We’re able to completely customize your WAF to employ specific security measures based on what you need, all without affecting your genuine web visitors. Your website is unique, so your website security solutions will be too. We take the stress off your shoulders and completely manage your WAF to stop attacks.

Ovatek’s custom security solutions block communication with any existing backdoor shells. We’re able to detect backdoors on your site and remove them. We even intercept malicious requests and block communication. Ovatek’s backdoor shell protection is seamlessly integrated with your WAF, which allows us to disable a backdoor without affecting your system.