The fact that web applications are a prime target for data thieves, hacktivists, and cybercriminals is practically a foregone conclusion. After all, web applications are typically public facing and exposed to threats.


Pervasive – as they are used in support of countless customer, partner, and employee-facing business processes.

Valuable – as they expose material business functionality and often serve as a conduit to numerous types of sensitive data, including personally identifiable and proprietary information.

Vulnerable – as they often incorporate
multiple third-party components and cutting edge technologies, and typically sacrifice security in favor of functionality, ease of use, and time-to-market.

Top Web Security Threats

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Security 50%
Malware 40%
Ransomware 30%

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For every single hour that your website is down you lose money. This happens from lost sales opportunities, wasted internet marketing dollars and damage to business reputation. What is the point of fixing malware or other type of hacking issue if you do not implement preventive security?

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Understanding Web Aps -I

  • CHALLENGE: Organizations face the growing specter of advanced, custom web attacks. The richness of JavaScript and SQL allows hackers to devise a virtually unlimited number of SQL injection.

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Understanding Web Aps -II

  • REQUIREMENT: To accurately stop attacks, a web application firewall must understand the protected application, including URLs, parameters, and cookies.

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Thwart Evasion Techniques -I

  • CHALLENGE: Organizations need to block web attacks without blocking legitimate traffic. This may sound obvious, but the solution, unfortunately, is not.

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Thwart Evasion Techniques -II

  • REQUIREMENT: A web application firewall must include an analytics engine that can examine multiple attack indicators to block attacks without false positives.

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Stay Ahead Of Hackers -I

  • CHALLENGE:Hackers constantly innovate. Whether it is because they are creating new attack tools, developing new ways to recruit volunteers, or honing existing techniques.

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Stay Ahead Of Hackers -II

  • REQUIREMENT: A web application firewall must have up-to-date protection to defeat the latest web-borne threats.

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Prevent Automated Attacks And Bots -I

  • CHALLENGE: Cybercriminals have become industrialized, using automation to improve efficiency and scale—and, in turn, transforming hacking into a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Prevent Automated Attacks And Bots -II

  • REQUIREMENT: A web application firewall must be able to stop automated attacks like site scraping, comment spam, application DDoS, and vulnerability scans.

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