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One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a website is your time. More importantly, the best use of your time is developing and driving the business and strategy.

It is much more cost-effective to work with an outside agency where you don’t have the added expense of health insurance, benefits, and other costs and overhead associated with hiring employees.

We are intimately familiar with website systems, software and programs and we regularly monitor, and implement updates while maintaining backups – keeping your site secure and your reputation intact.

Do you understand how to minimize the risks and vulnerabilities associated with having a public website? Are you up on the latest changes in the search engine world? If not, then outsourcing your web maintenance to us may be for you.

Website Management

You’ve invested time and money into making a great website. But no matter how many visitors it attracts, they’ll still leave if your website doesn’t work correctly.


Website management from Ovatek Web Solutions is the hidden key player in achieving success on the web. Routine maintenance is imperative to ensuring you’re providing your customers with the best experience every day.


To guarantee your site is working optimally at all times, website management needs to happen on a regular basis.


Don’t throw away all the effort you’ve put into your site. Ovatek can help you manage your website safely, efficiently, and affordably.

Why Website Management Is Essential

Your website might be the only means your customer has of interacting with you. What will happen when your site has broken links, outdated content, and uninstalled updates that impact its appearance or functionality?


It might seem that everything is fine with your website just because everything looks normal. If you aren’t putting in the necessary time for proper website management, your site is likely suffering under the surface and eventually these problems could take over in the form of hackers.


Many people don’t understand the importance of website management and so will ignore their site until something catastrophic happens. Your ROI suffers when your site isn’t being rightly maintained.


The truth is that a current, well-maintained site attracts more visitors and even helps improve visibility in the search engines. No matter what role your website plays in your business, maintenance is crucial for upholding your professional image at all times on the web.

Make The Most Of Your Website

Ovatek helps you make the most of your website through building a secure face for customers to see whenever they visit you online.


Regardless of who designed your website, we can help you manage it to run at its best 24/7 to make a consistently great impression on customers. We know that you don’t want to be bothered with maintaining your site, but we also know the last thing you want is to get hacked and lose customers. Website management prevents issues before they happen through constantly updating your site’s security, performing backups, managing content, and much more.


If you think website management is out of your budget, consider what it took to build not only your website, but your online reputation as well. Ignoring the regular adjustments and fixes your site needs isn’t going to be worth flushing your reputation down the toilet with a stale site, or worse, one that’s data has been compromised.


Our services ensure your site is working for both you and your customers, whether you need help with mobile responsiveness or just increasing your rankings in Google. We customize our services so that regardless of what you’d like to see done or what you need done, we can help.


You can still focus on clients and have a great website without ignoring website management. Ovatek makes certain your site is safe and performing optimally while you manage your business.

What We Offer

Ovatek handles your site improvements, updates to products or services, content backups, bug fixes, and conducts updates all while you focus on your clients.


Our team works to address your site so that you don’t have to worry about website management. We help you attain the level of care necessary to increase your conversion rate and ensure your site easily adapts to the changing landscape of the internet.


Our responsive efforts are done quickly and efficiently, whether you want your web traffic monitored or just need content to be updated. We can even go through your site to remove any broken links and manage your SEO.


We help you maintain your online presence with our website management services, which allow your website the high performance it needs to be successful and keep content fresh to avoid becoming dated and losing trust among your customers.

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Ovatek takes the complexity and confusion out of properly maintaining your site. Our team focuses on all the little details that keep your site successful so that you can focus your time and energy on your core business.


When you’re ready to create a custom website management plan that works to your best advantage, we’re ready to help!

Search Optimization

Without an effective search optimization
strategy you can’t compete on the web.


It’s critical that you have insight into
what the real results are from efforts.

User Experience

User experience is critical to the goal of
converting and retaining site visitors.

Web Security

Gain competitive advantage by having a
rock solid web security solution in place.

Meeting all your web optimization needs

From web strategy to web creative to online marketing software, Ovatek Web Solutions offers every type of web service that’s needed in order to achieve online market domination.

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