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Web Analytics

Highly advanced. Supremely intuitive.

Managed Web Analytics - Effective Insight.

Designed to be far easier, more technically advanced, and nicer looking then any other Web Analytics. PLANS & PRICING

Real-Time Visitor Data

All data in Ovatek Analytics is up-to-the-minute real time. Not just a few reports. Everything.

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On-Site Analytics

You (and only you) will see the on-site analytics widget in the corner of your web site.

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Uptime Monitoring

Ovatek Analytics alerts you when your site goes offline so you can react immediately.

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Advanced Heatmaps

Standard per-page heatmaps and heatmaps for individual visitor sessions.

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Features & Reports


Ovatek Analytics logs page views, downloads, and outbound links by default (and javascript events with a small bit of extra code), so we use the term "actions" to encapsulate all of these. On your dashboard you will see 'visitors' and 'actions' by default. For most sites, the vast majority of actions will be page views, typically 90% or more.

  • Page Views
  • Downloads
  • Outbound Links
  • Video

Use alerts to be notified of events of interest on your web site, such as successful conversions.

  • Email Alerts
  • Desktop Alerts
  • Sound Alerts
  • Conversion Notifications
  • Uptime Notifications
Ovatek Analytics API

The Analytics API allows you to extract your web site's traffic data into several common formats, making it easy to integrate, analyze, or store your data within your own application.

Just A Few Of The Metrics Available via API

  • Top Content On Your Site
  • Entrance/Landing Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Javascript/Flash Events
  • Video Tracking
  • Incoming Links (full URL)
  • Outbound Links
  • Full Search Queries
  • Searches By Keyword
  • Searches By Engine
  • Searches By Rankings
  • Searches By Locale
  • Traffic & Goals By City
  • Traffic & Goals By Web Browser
  • Traffic & Goals By Operation System
  • Traffic & Goals By Screen Size
  • Traffic & Goals By Device
  • Traffic & Goals By Referring Site
  • And Many, Many More Metrics!
Big Screen

Big screen is a generic dashboard optimized for a large screen, showcasing what we feel are your most important metrics. Big screen automatically refresh once per minute so please don't setup a process to manually refresh it for you!

  • Display On Big Screen
  • Even Simpler To View Data
  • See Most Important Data In A Click
Bounce Rate

The bounce rate tells you how engaged your visitors are with your site, on a general level. Ovatek Analytics's bounce rate is much different from any other service - in a good way. All other services define a bounce as simply any visitor who viewed only a single page. With Ovatek Analytics, though, our tracking code will continue to ping our servers while a visitor sits on a single page. A visitor will only count as a bounce on Ovatek Analytics if they only view a single page and they were on your web site for less than 30 seconds.

  • The Best Bounce Rate Available
  • Not Based On Single Page View
  • Visit Length Bounce Calculations
  • Continual Pinging For Accuracy

Campaigns are generally used to help you monitor your marketing efforts for your web site. Common types of marketing for most sites would be either ads on search engine result pages, and/or social media.

  • Dynamic "UTM" Parameters
  • Pre-Defined Landing Pages
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Social Media

The main content reports shows the most active pages on your web site, as determined by page views. There are other sub-reports as well, such as downloads and exit pages. An important thing to note about all of the content report is they are based on views instead of visitors.

  • Pages
  • Entrance (landing) Pages
  • Exit pages
  • Downloads
  • Events
  • Video and Audio
  • Domains
  • Path Analysis

Our tracking code sets a number of cookies, the purpose of each falling into one of three different categories:

  1. To Better Identify Unique Visitors.
  2. To Make Tracking More Efficient.
  3. To Lessen Bandwidth Used By Free And/Or Inactive Accounts.
Custom Data

Ovatek Analytics lets you attach custom data, such as usernames, emails, account level, or anything you want, to visitor sessions. This is generally used for web sites that have a login system, so once someone has logged in you know who they are.

  • Custom Logged Data Summaries
  • View Data By Assigned Key/Values
  • Attach Data To Sessions
  • Available via A JSON Object
  • Custom Code Generator Tool
  • Visitor Level Custom Data
  • Many More Custom Data Option Available!

Downloads are links on your site that point to files commonly downloaded from web site, such as .zip, .mp3, and more. Ovatek Analytics automatically tracks clicks on these links, which you can see in the Content -> Downloads report.

File Types Automatically Tracked As Download - 7z, aac, apk, avi, cab, csv, dmg, doc(x|m|b)?, epub, exe, flv, gif, gz, jpe?g, js, m4a, mp(3|4|e?g), mobi, mov, msi, ods, pdf, phps, png, ppt(x|m|b)?, rar, rtf, sea, sit, tar, torrent, txt, wma, wmv, xls(x|m|b)?, xml, zip

  • Powerful Tracking Servers
  • Patterns Assigned Event Listeners
  • Track Links As Downloads
  • Flexible Configurations

Ovatek Analytics has several engagement reports to show how engaged your visitors are with your web site.

  • Action Engagement Reports
  • Time Engagement Reports
  • Deep Dive Reporting Views
  • Custom Views

Events are things that you wouldn't be able to track with a normal tracker, such as clicks on Javascript menus. We support two types of events automatically, those being downloads and outbound links, but we put those into their own reports. In addition to the events that we track automatically, you can also create your own custom events to be tracked.

  • Custom Event Tracking
  • Track Javascript Menus
Exporting Data

You have the ability to export any data within the system. To export any report, you would simply click the disk icon in the top right corner of whichever report you are viewing.

  • Report Exports via CSV, XML, and PDF
  • Export Up To 1000 Items via UI
  • Export Unlimited Items via API
  • Dashboard View Exportable To PDF

Favorites allow you to flag the items in (almost) any report that you care the most about. When you view that report in the future, your favorite items will be at the very top of the report.

  • Simple One Click To Favorite Item
  • Simple One Click To "Un" Favorite Item

A goal is a page on your web site that a visitor reaches once they have made a purchase or completed another desired action, such as a registration or download. By setting up and tracking goals with Ovatek Analytics, you can determine how effectively your web site is driving your visitors to these desired actions.

  • Goals Can Be Pre-Defined
  • Goals Trigger Automatically
  • Define Custom Patterns
  • Ability To Declare Goals Manually
  • Define Dynamic Goals In Javascript
  • Define Custom Patterns
  • Define Any Site Activity As Goal
  • Multiple Goals For Single Page View
  • View Time To Goal Metrics
  • View Visits To Goal Metrics
  • More Goal Options Available

Heatmaps show where visitors are clicking on your site. Great way to see if changes to site design are working. Also a great way to see what specific regions of a page visitors are drawn to most. Our web analytics is the ONLY one to provide segmented heatmaps.

  • View Heatmaps By Date Range
  • View Pre-Goal Completion Clicks
  • Beautiful & Intuitive Interface
  • Several Ways To View Heatmaps
  • View Heatmaps via "Content" Tab
  • View Heatmaps via On-Site Widget
  • View Individual Visitor Heatmaps
  • We Attach Heatmaps At The Visitor Level
  • Many More Heatmap View Options
Links (referrers)

"Incoming" links are referrers - when someone clicks a link on another site that leads to your site. Browsers pass this data along and we have access to that data. This is convenient because you know what sites are linking to you and how much traffic those links are generating.

The "Domains" report groups together referrers by domain, so if a site has more than one link to you, you can see the total traffic being generated from that domain in this report.

  • See Most Recent Referrers
  • Visibility Into Paid Marketing ROI
  • Newest Unique Visitors via Referrer
  • Track Outbound Links
  • Advanced Auto Event Listeners
  • Intelligent Sub-Domain Tracking
  • In-Depth Outbound Link Reporting
  • Easily Determine High Value Referrers
On-Site Analytics Widget

This widget is designed to give you a glimpse of visitor activity while you are on your site. You can see how many people are on your web site in total, how many people are on the same page you are, and initiate heatmap reporting (if enabled and available) for the page you are viewing.

  • Real-Time View Of Visitors
  • See Current Page Visitor On
  • Number Of Current Visitors
  • Easy To Understand Colorful Widget
Outbound Links

Outbound links are links on your site that point to other web site. Ovatek Analytics automatically tracks clicks on these links, which you can see in the Links -> Outbound report.

  • See If Redirects Are Hurting Site
  • See What On-Site Links Are Popular
  • View Effectiveness Of Internal Linking
  • Understand Why People Are Leaving Site
Path Analysis

This features let you analyze the various paths that visitors take throughout your web site. You can create a path up to 5 pages long and see how visitors drop off as they go between them. Full documentation on how to use this feature is embedded within the report itself, which you can find under Content -> Path analysis.

  • Simple Path Analysis Reporting
  • View Top Previous Pages
  • View Top Next Pages
  • View Path To Goals/Conversions
  • See Drop-Off Points
  • Better Understand User Behavior
  • Great For Conversion Optimization
Private Links

Every site has its own unique 'private link'. This link allows you to share read-only access to your web site's analytics, without enabling the public access option.

  • link Based On Site ID And Sitekey
  • Resettable Site Key
  • Easily Give Access To Users
  • Give Access Without Making Public

View all of your Organic, Paid and Internal search data. Except for Google's "Secure Search", you are able to view all the search terms and keywords that users are using. Google believes very strongly in search privacy but for some reason they "leak" the ranking of a search result in the referrer when a visitor clicks on it and we pick this up.

  • View Organic Search Terms(no secure search)
  • View Internal Site Searches
  • Path Based Search Support
  • Custom Query Paremeter Support
  • View Searches In Multiple Views
  • View Search Term Rankings
  • View Search Terms Causing Goals
  • Our Technology Sees Leaked Rank Data
  • Highly Customizable Search Views
Split Tests

Split testing allows you to try out several versions of specific page (typically a landing page) on your visitors and then analyze the results to see which one performed better. For example, which landing page led to the highest percentage of people signing up for your service.

  • API Pushes Split Testing To Reports
  • See What Tests Lead To Goals
  • Highly Customizable Split Testing
  • Conversion Optimization Testing
  • Dynamically Assigned via Javascript
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Test Various Landing Pages
  • Test Various Call-to-Actions
  • Ability To Use Custom Variables

Spy is a real-time stream of visitors and page views that are on your web site right now. It automatically fetches new data every couple of seconds so you can just stare at it and be hypnotized as new traffic rolls in to your web site.

  • View Real-Time Visitor Activity
  • Strategically Respond To Leads
  • Understand Converting Behavior
  • Gain User Intelligence

Sub-user functionality allows you to register additional accounts under your account. This way, you do not have to share your login credentials to Ovatek Analytics with anyone, and you can assign each user access to view the reports for only the sites they need access to. Each user can be assigned "read-only" or "admin" access to each site.

  • Easily Add & Delete Users
  • Manage User From Your Homepage
  • Flexible Sub-User Account Allowances
Time On Site

Ovatek Analytics time on site values are more accurate than most other services because our tracking code will continue to ping our servers while a visitor sits on a single page. This gives us a much more accurate picture of how the visitor was actually on your site.

Services that do not ping, which is most of them, calculate time on site as the difference between the time of the first page view and the last. With Ovatek Analytics, for a visitor's final page view, we will ping our servers while that visitor engages with the final page. So our time on site is the difference between the time of the first page view and the time of the last ping of the last page view.

  • View Highly Valuable Dwell Times
  • Get Granular Page Dwell Time
  • Get Overall Site Dwell Time
  • What Pages Cause High Capture
Traffic Sources

This report categorizes where your visitors are coming from, typically based on the referrer, with one exception (for 'Advertising'). There are currentely 8 different categories, as explained below. Each visitor is only assigned to a single traffic source when we process their visit.

  • Direct-> Visitors With No Referrer
  • Advertising-> Visitors From Advertising
  • Searches-> Visitors From Search Engines
  • Email-> Visitors Who Arrived via Email
  • Social Media-> Visitors Arriving via Email
  • Syndication-> Visitors "RSS reader" Sites
  • Media searches-> Visitors From Image Searches
  • Links-> Visitors From Categories Not Listed
Twitter Analytics

Ovatek Analytics has a feature that allows you monitor for mentions on Twitter of your account, your web site, or anything you want.

One of the best things about this is that Twitter's built in search only goes back about a week. But if your monitor what you're intersted in with Ovatek Analytics, not only do you have pretty much an unlimited history of tweets you care about (starting from the time you create your search on Ovatek Analytics), but you also get summary reports of overall activity, activity by user, hashtags, links, sentiment, etc.

  • Full Twitter Integration
  • Create Custom Twitter Searches
  • Eliminates 7 Day Twitter Data Limit
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Gain Competitive Market Intelligence
Uptime Monitoring

Ovatek Analytics has partnered with Monitage to bring website uptime monitoring to our customers for no additional cost. Monitage monitors website uptime from 5 distinct geographic locations around the world so that issues at a specific monitoring location will not impact accuracy. A majority of the monitoring servers must all agree that an endpoint is down before an alert is created.

  • Email Notifications
  • Tweet Notifications
  • Web Hooks Enabled
  • Get Instant Notification Of Downtime
  • Get Detailed Data About Downtime
  • Sophisticated Monitoring Technology
  • Very Slow Loading Sites Trigger Alarm

One of the best thing about Ovatek Analytics is how easy it is to segment (filter) your visitors. You're not presented with an ugly form with thirty options. Instead, every report is a gateway to segmentation. You can just browse your reports as you would otherwise, and when you want to see a specific group of visitors, just click an item in that report.

  • View Visitors By Browser Type
  • View Visitors By Browser Search Term
  • View Visitors By IP Address
  • View Visitors By Geography
  • View Visitors By Referrer
  • View Visitors ANY Available Metric

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