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Web Design Maryland

Reach the next level of success.

Web Design Maryland Area

Stop wasting money on low quality web design and see real ROI.

When it comes to Maryland web design services, companies that are serious about taking their web presence to the next level know to call Ovatek. We have extensive experience in building high impact, business driven web properties. Stop wasting time and money on "Cheap Web Design" and start investing in a revenue engine that performs.

Maryland Web Design Services

Unlike many other Maryland web design companies, we are not just experts at building high impact websites, but we also create every site with the proper SEO fundamentals in place. We see so many times websites that were just thrown together without any thought put into potential future SEO needs. We are meticulous when it comes to the architecture of the sites that we build. We put a lot of strategic thought in the Information Architecture of the site. We know that if the Information Architecture is done right, the client will have a highly effective website bringing them new customers.

Just like any other geography, Maryland based businesses have unique needs. Sometimes what is effective some areas, is not effective in others. Companies have different competitors, different terminologies, different industries have different levels of competitions and all of these things play into what design strategies are used.

Building Powerful Business Websites

One of the first things that we do is perform an analysis of your market, and take a look at who your competitors are. Once we have conducted this analysis, we then are able to formulate a website design strategy that will be most effective for your new website. One of the ways that we give our clients a competitive advantage is by seeing what is working well for your top competitor on the web, and then using some of their strategy ideas for your project. However, we really take it to the next level and better the strategy, which will leave allow you to outperform your competition.

In order to design effective websites for Maryland area businesses, a web design company must be able to master all of the current front-end and back-end development technologies. Some of these include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQ and all other cutting edge development technologies. We don't simply alter some website template, we make custom websites. Whether we do this by way of hand coding, or a hybrid approach utilizing a CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Reach The Next Level Of Success

Most Maryland Web design companies really are not able to harness the power of some of the amazing CMS solutions out there today. Sure, a low skilled individual can throw together a simple WordPress template and call themselves a web design, but they really have no idea of how to utilize a CMS such as WordPress. WordPress is a highly complex and powerful platform that we work some wonders with. WordPress web design has the reputation of being simple and easy to use. Oh, on the contrary. To develop a truly high quality custom WordPress site actually requires a very advanced skill-set....we we posses.

Strategies That Perform

We take pride in all of the work that we do. The reason why Ovatek has flourished through the years in a highly competitive industry is due to the level of high quality work that we do. We don't just look at our clients as customers. We look at them as being business partners, and of being part of the Ovate Web Solutions family. We never nickel and dime with our customers, we just do whatever it takes to keep them very happy. If a new website ends up taking twice as many hours to build than what we agreed on. We just want to make sure that each and every customer of ours is ecstatic with the work that we do for them.

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Custom Web Design

Responsive Design

User Experience/Interface





Strategy Planning

We absolutely excel in comprehensive web strategy planning, design and execution. We embed strategy into every new website that we build.

Website Architecture Process:

  • Initial Project Brief
  • Website Goal Definition
  • Define The Target Audience
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis
  • User Goal-Problem-Solutions
  • Conduct Scenario Mapping
  • Conduct Mind Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Conduct Prototyping
  • Prototype Usability Testing
  • Final Project Specification


User Experience Elements

  • Information Architecture
  • Website Functionality
  • Interactive Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Usability Testing
  • Test and Refine
  • User Interface
  • Visual Design

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We are a highly advanced boutique web agency with a relentless passion for quality, client relationships and results.

Our mission is to continually exceed client expectations while increasing visibility and profitability of business based web properties.

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