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Web Design Northern VA

High impact web design services.

Web Design Northern Virginia

We deliver on conversion optimization of your site, to UX to your success.

We are known for and take pride in building only very high quality websites that have advanced strategy built in to all of them. When it comes to web design Northern Virginia, making a smart choice on which web design company you choose can be the difference between a non-effective and highly effective Northern Virginia website design. We know very well that the only reason a business located in Northern Va would even think about investing in a new website, would be to gain new customers and grow revenue.

Web Design Company Northern VA

When we build websites for Northern Virginia area businesses, we do so with ROI in the forefront of our minds. As a Northern Virginia web design company that has spent years growing our reputation, we settle for nothing less that ecstatic customers. We pay very close attention to each and every detail that goes into the web design services in the local Northern VA area that we provide.

Local area businesses do not come to us seeking help in building a new website for their company with low expectations. No, businesses come to Ovatek Web Solutions for when they can settle for nothing short of the best, most effective website possible. We take very seriously the fact that businesses in Northern Virginia trust us to create the face of their business online. It has been said, "You are your marketing", and at no time in history has that ever been truer. Today the internet is where potential customer go to learn about your business. If your image online is one that looks like you are a "Cheap" company, you are certain to lose potential customers.

Responsive Web Design Experts

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is no longer an option, it is a must if you want to compete on the web. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo give preferential treatment for mobile based searches to websites that are optimized for devices of all types. That is just one of the reasons why smart businesses are looking for responsive web design services in Northern Virginia. Responsive web design is the method of creating websites in a way in which they can scale to be viewed optimally on any size screen. As mobile traffic continues to increase year over year, lacking a mobile website design for Northern Virginia companies can be disastrous.

It is widely known by any good web design company in Northern Virginia, that Google highly recommends using responsive web design when building websites. At Ovatek, we are experts at building very effective responsive design based websites. Moving forward all of the Northern Virginia web design customers that we take on will definitely have websites that are responsive. In the past this was not necessary, or recommended, but in todays climate, and based on what Google wants....all our sites will be responsive.

High Performance Websites

Any successful Northern Virginia company can tell you, a website that is well designed and effective can enable rapid business growth. In order to accomplish this, first a company needs to perform a search for "web design northern virginia" Most likely, that is how you found us!

Effective Design Strategies

Also, of course you need a web design company that truly understands business, not some person building websites out of their parents basement. At Ovatek we are well respected for developing conversion optimized websites for local area businesses.

We have been creating revenue generating websites for years, and our experience dates back to the 1990's. We believe that every business deserves to work with a web design company that is professional and effective. We have experience building websites for businesses of all types and sizes. We have taken established businesses to the next level, as well as taking others from startup phase to multi-million dollar business.

Happy Clients Have Fueled Our Growth

One of the tremendous benefits of working with Ovatek for your company's new website, is that we have a provable track-record of success. There is a very good reason why most of our current clients are referrals from other customers. We are known for going above and beyond when it comes to creating very happy customers.

Not only do we drive new customers to our clients, but we also operate in the most professional manner possible. Professionalism unfortunately can be on very low supply in this industry, which is part of why businesses do not leave us.

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Custom Web Design

Responsive Design

User Experience/Interface





Custom Wordpress Wesbsites

At Ovatek, we have a broad range of skill-sets when it comes to building websites. From Simple, complex, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Ecommerce or custom sites, we have an in-house team that can excel at any level, with any technology.


Website Architecture Process:

  • Initial Project Brief
  • Website Goal Definition
  • Define The Target Audience
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis
  • User Goal-Problem-Solutions
  • Conduct Scenario Mapping
  • Conduct Mind Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Conduct Prototyping
  • Prototype Usability Testing
  • Final Project Specification

User Experience Elements

  • Information Architecture
  • Website Functionality
  • Interactive Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Usability Testing
  • Test and Refine
  • User Interface
  • Visual Design

UX? U Better.

To understand your users, who they are and what it is that they do, is a very critical Unlike most other web agencies, we don't just slap together websites with out strategic thought into the user experience implications of each and every element that we build into a site.

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We are a highly advanced boutique web agency with a relentless passion for quality, client relationships and results.

Our mission is to continually exceed client expectations while increasing visibility and profitability of business based web properties.

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